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Research Questions: This research was conducted to investigate the different options that students undertake to make their financial costs less burdensome and more affordable while being enrolled in Undergraduate or Graduate programs at Brandeis University. Often times, students find other ways to reduce costs through optional plans, beyond what the institution has to offer and which are optional—like housing, meal plan, among other expenses. One of those options is to not live on campus and to move off campus, which usually happens to be less expensive. Nevertheless, it is difficult to know if the option is rather more popular among students who receive Pell grants, which is a subsidy that the US federal government provides to its
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The descriptive analyses include different statistical methods, such as, Chi-Square, independent sample T-Test, Bivariate correlation, and Binary regression. The survey focuses primarily on the students’ spending, such as acquiring textbooks, living on campus vs. off campus, enrolling in the university’s meal plan, transportation costs, as well as any other costs that are important for the students’ needs and success during college. Since the respondents all come from different backgrounds, there is a high chance that some of the expenses represent a burden for some of the students, it is why the survey also addresses ways students can earn money, such as having a job on or off campus and work …show more content…
According to the findings, there are more non-Pell grant recipients living on campus: 146 students as opposed to 60 Pell grant recipients. While the number of students who live off campus is less significant, non-Pell grants recipients also dominate this category with 42 non-Pell grant recipients opting to live off campus, whereas Pell grant recipients was reported to be half of that, with 18 students claiming to live off campus. The analyses data are not statistically significant. The result of this analysis prove that the option of living off campus could be a popular choice among students who have different forms to afford college. In addition, the survey was not consistent enough, since there were more respondents who do not receive financial aid, when it should have been more

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