Analysis Of Abercrombie And Fitch

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In this essay we will be examining how important managers are to creating better ethical culture, this essay we will refer to both formal and informal means to assess organisations ethical behaviour internal as well as to the external stakeholder. To examine real life example we examine Abercrombie and Fitch to assess how they manage ethics in their company. Management ethics is DEFINED BY REFERENCE. Management ethics importance has only recently increased since 2005(Crane and Matten 2010). It is noted that 2006 the day when Wal Mart advised for a director of global ethics to lead the company’s global ethics strategy shows a sudden emergence of importance. Management ethi
In terms of management ethics there are two components; there is
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Abercrombie and Fitch are a world wide brand with over 79,000 staff (secruites and exchange commission) Abercrombie and Fitch have two main divisions Gilly Hicks and Hollister. All three of these brands are run in the same manner. There is a controversial aspect of Abercrombie’s style of advertising, Reichert and Lambiase (2006) make note to Abercrombie’s adverting making their shopping bags renowned for having semi-nude male and females on. Abercrombie have created a unique theme to base their shop on. In an interview with time magazine the CEO Michael Jeffries states Abercrombie sell a “movie” he believes they sell an emotional experience to “Cool Kids”, these are all direct quotes from the CEO and therefore provides an idea into the company …show more content…
Sharif and Scandura (2013) define codes of ethics as statements that commit the organization that set out appropriate ethical behaviour for employees to abide by. Page192
Abercrombie have their own organizational codes of ethics, different too others in the industry. Once again Abercrombie are keen to make note of their code of ethics as they look to ensure it is posted on their website “”. Abercrombie’s code of ethics contains details of ensuring the company produce their goods ethically in terms of no abuse, forced labour or child labour. There comes an issue however in terms of non-discrimination where it states “disallowing any religious discrimination” this was only changed after issues in 2013 where Abercrombie was forced to pay $71,000 to one Woman for firing her for refusing to remove her hijab (The Guardian) 193.
Tsalikis and Fritzche(1989)

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