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  • Design And Build Contract

    In a design and build contract an initial contractor is employed by the client, then the contractor is responsible for overseeing both the design and construction phase of a project. The contractor would either have their own in house design team they would use or employ external consultants who would assist in the design phase. A novation agreement is sometimes used in a design and build contract, this is where the client employs consultants to produce their initial design then the same consultants are employed by contractor to complete the detailed design. In a design and build project the contractor has the majority of the responsibility so therefore also has a large share of the risk involved in the project as the “contractor 's liability…

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  • Design-Build Advantages And Disadvantages

    Advantages: 1) Competition in pricing for general contract. As the name suggested, Design-Bid-Build asks general contractors to compete with each other based on the prices from subcontractors. Since this process involves biding and competing with other contractors, the owner may get the best price from Design-Bid-Build delivery method. 2) Theoretical price certainty from bid. Although general contractors put the bid document out to different subcontractors and ask them to bid on the…

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  • Edward Smith Job Interview

    For this assignment, I chose to interview Edward Smith. He is an attorney for the nation-wide law firm and is based out of Los Angeles, California. His specialties include over twenty-five years experience in complex litigation and multi-million dollar real estate deals. He graduated from the University of Colorado and the Doctor program from Hastings College. He has worked for a few different law firms since his graduation and was previously a partner in the firm based out of Pasadena,…

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  • Check The Architect's Work Experience Essay

    of clients who trust the architect 's skills. Also, a skilled architect will be able to work with a variety of designs as they have hands-on experience in building homes. You can work with minimal direction with an experienced architect. Make…

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  • Design Responsibilities

    Design: - Under the design section we will deal with four parties Designers, Architects, engineers, and regulatory authorities. Each party has their own roles and responsibilities. Designers: - The designers will provide the assistance in project design and develop the activities based on our requirements. They will design documentations, technical provisions and other project related documents. They will discuss all the issues and new design ideas in the project meetings. In these meetings…

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  • My Importance Of Architecture

    imagination. The world of design is exciting, especially in a developing global society. Architecture is not just the study of structure, but more importantly, the study of people. All architecture becomes a part of city planning; once a building is developed, it immediately becomes a part of the local urban fabric. As architects you design for the present with an awareness of the past for a future that is essentially unknown. My world is cities and buildings, I’ve learnt that if you want to…

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  • Informative Speech On Roller Coasters

    senses, you hesitate and then you get right back in line to do it again. However, as you get in line do you stop and think about the long hours of time put in to build and a design one of these scream machines rides known as roller coasters. Well probably not. You may ask yourself why you should listen to me; well to put it simply I have ridden many roller coasters and a huge fan of them. Therefore, you may ask what the steps to building these massive beasts are. Well today, I am going to inform…

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  • Case Study Samsung

    Team Name: JENANILOSA 1.The critical activity in the process of Samsung’s transformation into a world-beating developer of new cell phone handset designs and other product line designs were to hire new designers. In order to make the Samsung’s brand stand out from the rest, the chairman decided to hire “young hip designers” from America to come up with fresh ideas, therefore bringing recognition of the Samsung brand. Samsung designers were sent to different places so they could get inspired, and…

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  • ROV Case Study

    3.4.1 Function Function defines what the underwater robot ROV must do to achieve its Mission Scope are the focal points of design and building. So the ROV will have to be built according to the expectation around our tools, the first task is to look at ways or the tools which our ROV will require to achieve the tasks. Sketch these ideas and think about how we could be made more efficient or simpler. For example, Can the mechanisms or tools be made less heavy, smaller? Is there some danger that…

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  • Custom Boat Builders

    Custom boat builders are an international inc. Custom boat builders having a team of full time designers’ and drafters that use the AutoCAD along with Solidworks and Rhino for 3D modeling. The company is a liaison between naval architects and owners of shop floor who assist in the design process. The Company works with owners of naval architects in cabinetry, exterior solutions and electrical. Although the company is capable of working on non-marine projects that involve residential housing, the…

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