Design And Build Contract

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In a design and build contract an initial contractor is employed by the client, then the contractor is responsible for overseeing both the design and construction phase of a project. The contractor would either have their own in house design team they would use or employ external consultants who would assist in the design phase. A novation agreement is sometimes used in a design and build contract, this is where the client employs consultants to produce their initial design then the same consultants are employed by contractor to complete the detailed design. In a design and build project the contractor has the majority of the responsibility so therefore also has a large share of the risk involved in the project as the “contractor 's liability …show more content…
The client has to have an idea of what they want, they then need to produce a brief outlining their idea. The client must also have planning permission before detailed designs are produced and construction to begin. The client must employ a contractor to carry out the design and construction phase of the project.
In a design and build project the contractor has the most responsibility as they are tasked with both the design and construction elements of a project. The contractor can carry out the construction phase themselves but may need assistance with the design phase unless they have their own in house design team. Although the contractor may outsource the design work to consultants under a design and build contract they are still responsible for the design so are liable.
Employing an architect would be the first step the contractor would take in the design phase. The architect is responsible for producing the first set of drawings. They need to produce floor plans sections and elevations which other consultants need to work from and are needed for construction to
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The planning officer works for the local council and ensures that new buildings or extensions to existing buildings will not cause substantial damage to the environment or local wildlife. The planning officer also plans towns or cities so that new builds blend in and match the aesthetics of the local area so aren’t considered eye saws. The quantity surveyor is responsible for several things during the design phase. Early on in the design process the quantity surveyor must provide an estimate of the cost of the project for both materials and labour. They must also ensure the client is paying the right price for what they get and ensure they get best deal possible. They are responsible for keeping the project within the clients budget so would monitor all aspects of the design to ensure the consultants designs aren’t to expensive. The quantity surveyor may also be responsible for ensuring all the necessary regulations are met.

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