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  • Analysis Of The Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative

    an overview of the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) and how successful the program became and continues to grow. But, I wanted to know more specifically what JDAI is before recognizing the impressive statistical achievements this program has reported. So, I downloaded the full 40-page report and learned the following… The main purpose, or goal, for creating the JDAI was to decrease the number of juveniles in detention and to do that without compromising public safety (A. C. Foundation, 2014). The JDAI was also instrumental in revising the detention phase for adjudication and disposition hearings. The folks that created this initiative were confident it would become the standard for many jurisdictions allowing for the number of juveniles in a…

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  • Essay On Juvenile Detention Centers

    Detention centers in Minnesota and all over the country have are often found to have adverse effects on their clients. Many of the juveniles who are currently in detention centers or similar confines are being held for nonviolent offenses. Juvenile incarceration facilities should only be considered for delinquents who have committed violent or serious offenses. Locking up juveniles appears to be ineffective toward correcting negative behavior as opposed to other means of correctional programs.…

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  • Juvenile Detention Centers Case Study

    A re-examination of the US Criminal Justice System has led many to question the effectiveness of juvenile detention centers. The goal of juvenile detention centers should be to ensure that the individual, on release, can be a functional law-abiding citizen. Currently 54,000 juveniles are in youth prisons. If it were one prison system, “it would be the fifth largest in the US”. The greatest concern about juvenile detention centers is whether or not it is creating a culture of violence in which…

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  • Juvenile Detention Centers: A Literature Review

    country are experiencing difficult obstacles that affect their potential risk of re-offending. Therefore, there are numerous court systems around the country that are placing youth within juvenile detention facilities to attempt to remedy the situation. The hope of this placement is to change the youth’s behavior to enable them to possess all the tools to lead a successful life (Mallett, Fukushuma, Stoddard, & Quinn, 2012). When a youth is placed in a juvenile detention center, there are a…

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  • Guantanamo Bay Detention Center Case Study

    The significance of President Obama’s proposal of closing the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center could not be more delayed from both a moral and justice standpoint. A case in point is that the infamous detention center continues negatively to be seen as an inhumane facility that violated the human rights and lack of due process for detainees. On January 22, 2009, President Obama’s proposal of closing the detention facility in one year showed the slightest of promises to say the least. For example,…

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  • Life In Overpopulated Prisons

    India is one of the countries with the highest preventive detention, 249,796 people in overpopulated prisons. During police custody, they suffer beatings, sleep deprivation and electro-shock (all of this in violations of their constitutional rights). Subject to degrading and inhuman treatment, it is an example of large-scale human rights abuses. Every day, four people die in both police and judicial custody for these abuses. Many of these deaths could be avoided if the cases were resolved…

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  • National Day Laborer Organization: A Case Study

    accept the unearned advantages of their skin color while allowing them to deny responsibility for how it disadvantages other groups… (19). “Legally Mexican Americans were accorded the racial status of White people; socially, politically, and economically, however, they were treated as non-Whites” according to Neil Foley (87). The oppressions that Elmer and other individuals endure in correction centers are based on the unacceptance and disapproval the US society has adapted throughout history,…

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  • Essay On Children In Detention

    Children in Detention and the Common Good Children in detention. Those very words are probably enough to bring sadness to many people, regardless of how or why the detention came about. Despite this, many Australians hold views about adult asylum seekers that actually leads to the detention of children. Since 1992 it has been Australia’s policy that all non-citizens who arrive in Australia without a valid visa will be held in detention (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2015). As of June…

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  • Juvenile Detention Paper

    The researcher conducted a review of various studies found in the current literature which focused on physical activity and stress among adolescents in juvenile detention settings. There is overwhelming evidence, which suggest the many benefits of physical activity and the importance of exercise to the overall function of the body. “For children and youth to gain comprehensive health benefits they need to participate in the following types of physical activity on 3 or more days per week:…

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  • Detention Camps In Vietnam

    about what happened in the detention camps and looking at how it affected the soldiers. Going from 1964 all the way to 1973, there was an increasing number of aerial operations. (Valentine, 2013) This lead to more and more American pilots and their crews being shot down and captured. All of the prisoners were being delivered to North Vietnamese prisons. These prisons that they were…

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