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  • Difference Between Job Description And Role Description

    Today there is a merger between the traditional job descriptions and role description. Job Descriptions now also contain Key Strength Areas and competency models and thus are called role profiles. The documentation is thus richer and gives the person a better idea and understanding of his role and how he should perform to achieve objectives. The Elements of Job: Job Description: Job description describes the job, the purpose of the job, contribution of the particular job towards the final goal or objective, the roles and responsibilities, the required skills and qualifications of the person to perform the job. The employees are the customers of the organization, and to elicit work from them, it needs to be made easy for them and clear. There should be a two-way gain: both for the organization as well as the employee and so job descriptions are extremely important. Job Title: The title of the job explains the work or the grade. The nearer the title is to the actual work, dissonance would be lower. It would explain the lateral, reporting, vertical…

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  • Fictional Analysis: All My Life Vs. Ebay

    After comparing the descriptions between the “allmylife” items and the eBay items there was a noticeable difference between how each was described. After I reviewed a few items on the “All My Life” sales list and selected the “Fine Green Shirt” item to compare to eBay sale items. The descriptions that I found on eBay were a combination of both subjective and objective due to the fact that the author of the auction provided facts about the material the shirt was made out of, which was stated as…

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  • The Death Of Benny Paret Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    In writing, syntax often times controls the pacing while diction allows visualization of what is written. In this essay, the writer’s purpose is to lead the reader to assume that Paret the boxer plays the role of the hero, whilst Griffith, his opponent, plays the role of the villain. Through elements like similes and rhetorical devices, the author achieves his purpose and creates an impact on the reader. In “The Death of Benny Paret,” Norman Mailer utilises syntax to call attention to diction…

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  • God's Grandeur Poem Analysis

    In the poems “God’s Grandeur” by Hopkins, and “The Fish” by Elizabeth Banks the reader will find many similarities like the use of figurative language, diction, and theme. All these usages of rhetoric strategies help strengthen, and clarify the intent of the author. Both poems “God’s Grandeur” by Hopkins, and “The Fish” by Elizabeth Bishop use figurative language, and imagery in order to push their message, and help the reader understand their point of view. In “God’s Grandeur”, Hopkins says…

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  • Forgiving My Father Analysis

    Application of New Criticism: forgiving my father A short synopsis of the poem “forgiving my father”, written by Lucille Clifton is that it is about a daughters recollection of her life growing up, specifically her father’s inefficiencies. Throughout the poem, the persona shifts through boots of anger, bitterness and contempt as she reflects on the experiences she had growing up. To fully grasp what the poem is about in its totality, one could ascribe to many different types of criticism…

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  • Internal Equity In The Workplace

    Internal equity is based on education, experience, physical demands, responsibilities, and working conditions. Ranking jobs within the organization need to be consistent with job descriptions. It is important to the organizations design and the compensation structure. To achieve internal equity the pay needs to be related to the value of the work being performed. Internal equity is about the pay relationships between different jobs, skills, and competencies within the organization (Milkovich,…

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  • Recruitment And Selection Case Study

    is through yield ratios. These ratios provide the relationship between the applicants that stand at one step of the recruiting process & the quantity of applicants that would proceed to the next step of the process. To get the right workers for a certain work, there is need to style an outstanding choosing group. The group is accountable to; Acquire power to hire for and finish place with your retail recommendations. Produce new Job Information or upgrade old Job Information, as appropriate. If…

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  • Case Study: Little Angels

    Job descriptions Little Angels employs director, assistant directors, lead teachers, teachers and assistant teachers who by prior education, training, experience, and interest in fostering development and early childhood education are qualified to meet the needs of the children enrolled and who meet the qualifications for their respective staff positions. At Little Angels, we also select responsible adults as volunteers working with the program. In the event of an absence, Substitute Child Care…

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  • PD Description

    PD description Both teams of custodial staff, day and evening, are crucial to the daily operations of our building. Respectively, this means they have a large number of task that must be executed daily so their PD will be on effectiveness and efficiency, or in other words time management. Objective and reason The objective of this training to help the custodial staff manage things in such a way that they don’t feel overwhelmed and never “done” with a task. Though staff may have different…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Recruitment

    Recruitment is one of the critical HR function. It is a process of identifying qualified and skilled candidate for exiting or expected vacancies in an organization. It is important for an organization to have a recruitment policy. Selection is a process of selecting a candidate from a large number of applicants will be performing their jobs with maximum effectiveness and remain with the company. After selecting a candidate he/she should be placed in a suitable job. Placement is also an important…

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