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  • Difference Between Job Description And Role Description

    Today there is a merger between the traditional job descriptions and role description. Job Descriptions now also contain Key Strength Areas and competency models and thus are called role profiles. The documentation is thus richer and gives the person a better idea and understanding of his role and how he should perform to achieve objectives. The Elements of Job: Job Description: Job description describes the job, the purpose of the job, contribution of the particular job towards the final goal or objective, the roles and responsibilities, the required skills and qualifications of the person to perform the job. The employees are the customers of the organization, and to elicit work from them, it needs to be made easy for them and clear. There should be a two-way gain: both for the organization as well as the employee and so job descriptions are extremely important. Job Title: The title of the job explains the work or the grade. The nearer the title is to the actual work, dissonance would be lower. It would explain the lateral, reporting, vertical…

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  • Internal Equity In The Workplace

    Internal equity is based on education, experience, physical demands, responsibilities, and working conditions. Ranking jobs within the organization need to be consistent with job descriptions. It is important to the organizations design and the compensation structure. To achieve internal equity the pay needs to be related to the value of the work being performed. Internal equity is about the pay relationships between different jobs, skills, and competencies within the organization (Milkovich,…

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  • Case Study: Little Angels

    Equal Employment Opportunity Little Angels is committed to the belief that each individual is allowed to equal employment opportunities without regard to race, creed, color, ethnic or national origin, sex, age, non-job related physical or mental handicap, sexual orientation, marital or parenthood status, physical characteristics or economic status, and it pledges itself to apply this commitment to recruiting, hiring, compensation, fringe benefits, staff development and training, promotions,…

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  • Job Interview

    all the points mentioned in the job posting but all the qualities a company wants may not be indicated there. A background check can be performed in order to verify that the technical aspects of a job applicants resume match the advertised requirements but that does not provide enough detail in order to make a hiring decision. Since the job interview is the last and the most important line of defense to evaluate whether a candidate has the qualities necessary for success in the position…

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  • JA Assignment

    JA, as previously mentioned, consists of job duties, the behaviours necessary to perform these behaviours and the development of hypotheses from this information about the necessary characteristics for these behaviours, (Cascio & Aguinis, 2013). From the data produced by JA it is essential to the produce a job description and a person specification in order to utilise this information for the purpose of developing a selection program. The task requirements (i.e. essential duties), the…

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  • Difference Between Job Enlargement And Job Enrichment

    1. job versus position – a job is several activities that are like each other while a position can be several tasks performed by a singular person. 2. job analysis – researching information pertaining to a job such as tasks or activities. 3. job description – a written account of a job and the duties expected of someone holding this position. 4. job specification – certain attributes a person but obtain to successful fulfill duties entailed in a job description. 5. essential job function vs.…

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  • The Purpose Of Formal Induction

    what their roles are and how they interact within the organization. To become a fully-functioning member of the team, employees need to know whom to call to get something done, understand who reports to whom, etc Places In this section there is a guided tour of the building, direct them where are toilets,emergency exits,rest rooms, where they have to sit and also about where the have lunch. Plant Arrange for and equip a workspace with the necessary furniture, equipment and supplies (ensure that…

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  • Meteorologist Job Descriptions

    considering for the future. Through research, it has been discovered that these two careers have very different job descriptions, but they have similar education requirements and identical job outlooks, and this is the information that needs to be considered when making a choice between these two careers. The job descriptions of meteorologists and veterinarians are very different. A meteorologist is a scientist who studies the Earth’s atmosphere and predicts the weather and climate to…

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  • Lawn Job Description

    Over the summer of 2015, I worked for Total Lawn Care, a lawn mowing business out of Little Falls, Minnesota. My job consisted of mowing and trimming our customers’ lawn, as well as blowing off their sidewalk and driveway after. While working, I learned how to deal with various types of people with different attitudes toward their lawn. Some have a good attitude, while others do not, making my job easier at times and harder during others. There are four different types of lawn owners: Nice Old…

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  • Office Brietze Job Description

    Working conditions vary greatly based on factors such as location, staffing levels and the number of incident reports. Police and detective work can be physically demanding, stressful, and dangerous, especially compared to most other jobs. Police officers have one of the highest rates of injuries and illnesses of all occupations. Working around the clock in shifts is common. He also described how working as a police officer brings on a range of emotions. It can leave an officer feeling…

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