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  • The Trojan War: The Fall Of The Trojan Horse

    How did the Trojan War start, and what was the Trojan Horse? There are several reasons that the war may have happened, including the lasting tension between the Mycenaean cities and Troy along with the abduction of Helen, the wife of Menalus. This war waged on, and the story of the Trojan horse occurs- which led to the fall of Troy itself. So how did these things happen to the ancient Greeks and Trojans? Before the Trojan War began, there were huge tensions between the Greeks and the Trojans due to the constant attacks against Troy in the past- Troy had been rebuilt seven times. The Greek prince, Paris fell in love in Helen, the Trojan princess and seduced her. He then brought her back with him, and her husband, Menalus accused Agamemnon of abducting her, and then the war began. Therefore, this tension and Helen's leaving caused a war to break out for years. The story of the Trojan Horse occurred around the end of this war, along with the fall of Troy itself. The horse was a huge horse that was made out of thick wood, and it was hollow; Agamemnon and his soldiers hid in the horse after placing it at the walls of the city as a “gift.” They waited over night and the Trojan citizens brought the horse into the city that morning. Once it had been brought into the city, Agamemnon and his warriors exited the horse…

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  • How Did The Trojan Horse Greek Downfall

    Trojan Horse, Trojan Downfall As Told By Helen “Is this really happening? Are our lives flashing before us? This is how I feel as Troy has been smothered by the Greeks. That Trojan Horse, I do not know why everyone thought that it was a peace offering! How could anyone trust those Greeks? Now because of them Troy is smothering to the ground. My poor Paris. How could he get out of this alive? Achilles already killed Hector and now Paris is next! Troy is falling and nobody can help us!” This is…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary The Trojan Horse

    The Trojan horse story is a famous parable in which multiple warriors seemingly present a gift to their enemies, but in fact use this as a method to infiltrate the enemy territory and then murder the whole town’s population, with the final result being a terrible defeat to the enemy side. Therefore, Donald Trump using this allusion has three possible connotations; the intentions of the illegal immigrants may seem to be good-hearted, but that the Americans shouldn’t be fooled by these conniving…

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  • Malware: The Computer Virus

    computer system. Malware can either affect the user individually or it can effect and damage the entire organization. The victim circumstances depend on the hacker’s intent. Although Malware is designed for malicious intent, the system itself is only the broader term. Malware is the overall software that is designed, but there are variants of Malware that are more specific and have different intents when it comes to the victim. Among those variants include Trojan Horses, Worms, Rootkits,…

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  • Benefits And Consequences Of Vigilante Justice

    anything like that, he just smiled wrong, and because of that he was shot. The final case of vigilante justice I am going to talk about is the case of Bradley Wellman the computer hacker. Wellman was a 19-year-old computer hacker from British Columbia, Canada. Wellman decided that he wanted to do something about all of the child pornography that was circling around the internet. In 1997, Wellman created a Trojan horse virus that was composed of some child pornography photos. The Trojan horse…

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  • Unit 1 What Is The Difference Between A Virus

    irrespective whether or nor not the infected program is running and stay viable until the next reboot, even if all the infected files are deleted from disk (Fritsch et al, 2015). Conversely, it is impossible to get rid of such viruses by restoring all the files from distribution disks or the backup copies. So, the virus remains active and infects newly created files. Nonresident viruses do not infect computer memory and are active for a limited time only. Nonresident virus does not store or…

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  • Aeneid Viewpoints Analysis

    “Put yourself in their shoes,” “There’s always two sides to the story”, “You don’t know what they’ve gone through.” All common phrases that are told from childhood and therefore tend to overlook from time to time, but they could not be more true in both everyday life and even ancient Roman time. Virgil wrote several books of the Aeneid during ancient Roman times to rival the Greek’s work of the Odyssey. Books two and four of Virgil’s work expressed love and pain, cleverness and stupidity,…

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  • Case Study: Signed Applets

    insights to possible malware files from your PC? What had your antivirus program prevented or warned you about? You will need to state your antivirus program, provide log images or the file and reference and play digital detective. Malware comes from an infected site or email and hijacks a user’s browser. In the case study, the author examines how a user’s PC and information can become compromised by the user trusting a certificate before running or by logging onto websites with similar…

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  • Analysis Of Robert Leckie's 'Helmet For My Pillow'

    provides the readers with intense imagery. “And the rain – that baleful, wet intruder – perhaps confused at being the only mournful one among our carefree company, alternated between a drizzle, a drip and a downpour” (Leckie 39). It gives the rain character as well as provided us with the conditions the men were in. The reader can imagine how miserable the conditions were and that the only thing happy was the rain. Now the training was ending. Days, days, endless grinding days, aimless…

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  • Vulnerabilities In Computer Security

    Most, if not all, computers can be inflicted by Malicious software (Malware) are hard to fix an infection found in the system. It can lead to hacking, leaking of valuable information and a vulnerable threat to security. It requires no intervention to propagate across computer networks like the flu shot. Moreover, there are many types of malware like Trojan horses, viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware which penetrates specific application to deteriorate the system thus stealing confidential data…

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