Tropospheric scatter

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    with the military and the government. With reliable communication, which this proposed project can create, the lives of many innocents could be saved. In summary, the proposed project could be of help to the Military, the government, industries and a nation as a whole. 1.3 Motivation Satellite communication links may be denied in suitable where a link is attack or jammed. This creates a need for a backup in a situation the satellite links are not reliable. However, the need for more communication bandwidth and capacities, also makes it necessary to consider other communication alternatives. Terrestrial communication systems are a good alternative to satellite communication. The possible alternative systems could be: • The use of tropospheric scatter systems. • The use of relay system (Mesh relays). • The use of high altitude platforms (Balloons, aeroplanes, drones). • The use of visible light communication. For effective communication, the range at which these terrestrial systems can communicate, their quality of service (bit error rate, latency/throughput), reliability and protection from further activities of hacker/jamming of signals (security) need to be considered, to provide useful alternatives to satellite communication. 1.4 History The use of these terrestrial systems for communication are not new. From the earliest time, the use of visible light as been a means of communication. Fire beacons or smoke signals were for simple communication. The use of heliograph…

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