How Did The Trojan Horse Greek Downfall

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Trojan Horse, Trojan Downfall As Told By Helen
“Is this really happening? Are our lives flashing before us? This is how I feel as Troy has been smothered by the Greeks. That Trojan Horse, I do not know why everyone thought that it was a peace offering! How could anyone trust those Greeks? Now because of them Troy is smothering to the ground. My poor Paris. How could he get out of this alive? Achilles already killed Hector and now Paris is next! Troy is falling and nobody can help us!” This is the story of the Trojan Horse and the Trojan downfall.
War was amongst us as I stood atop alongside my handsome Prince Paris and King Priam. This war feels like it will never end. Everyday I weep to Paris, praying that one day this war would end so that we can live happily ever after. “Paris this is all my fault. Everything. If
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The Greeks were amongst us. They must have hid inside of the horse. Aeneas was right, we never should have trusted the Greeks, they tricked us! The Greeks are scavenging through the city, killing people left and right. They have headed toward the gate to open it up, to only reveal the rest of the army. We are doomed! The horror, it is too much. We need to escape Troy or we will die! The Greeks are flushing through the city killing everybody in their path, we need to run away.
The King is dead! King Priam is dead! “Paris you need to save Troy. Troy will fall and everybody you love will die. We cannot stay here, we will die. We need to escape. Cassandra, Andromache, and I have to go. We have to escape.” I exclaimed to Paris. “Run far away Helen. Save yourself. You cannot stay with me here. I will fight in honor of my father, my brother, the city of Troy, and for you my love. This is the last time we will see each other. I love you Helen and I will never regret taking you with me. I will always love you Helen.” Paris confessed to me. That was the last time I ever saw my

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