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  • Android Malware And Botnet Analysis

    Specifically, I used the Jet Brains PyCharm IDE for development (PyCharm: Download Latest, 2016). I chose this due to its error checking of code and debugging capabilities. As already explained, initially the command and control server was to use sockets to communicate with clients. This did not pan out. Instead, I utilized the “http.server” library in python (http.server--HTTP Servers, 2016). The class to handle HTTP requests was only a few lines of code which could easily be expanded to fit my needs. I focused mainly on the “do_post” function, as all requests were done via POST in HTTP. In addition to the communications, the command and control server would also need to keep track of clients and take command input from the user running the server. To handle commands, I created a simple while loop that prompts for input until the “exit” command is given. Behind this, I also created a list of valid commands to check for. To keep track of clients I utilized a dictionary of key value pairs (Data Structures, 2016). The key would need to be unique to each individual device. UUIDs fit the bill here, so each device was identified by a UUID (Leach, Mealling, & Salz, 2005). The value in the dictionary had to be customized to…

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  • Secure HTTP Analysis

    This protocol is a variation of HTTP that provides the secure foundation for SSL transmission. S-HTTP performs what is known as a handshake when establishing a connection to exchange keys and creates an encrypted connection. Addresses to an SSL secure page use the prefix "https" instead of the common "http." Therefore, a secure page address would read The public-key system requires that each party have a public and a private key. These keys must be generated by a trusted…

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  • Intrusion Detection Systems Case Study

    avoiding such attacks such as Intrusion Detection System (IDS) which is the most popular method of defense [29]. A defense federation is used in [29] for guarding against such attacks. Under this technique each cloud is loaded with separate IDS. The different intrusion detection systems work on the basis of information that is exchange between these systems. In case a specific cloud is under attack, the cooperative IDS alert all other components in the system. Trustworthiness of a cloud is…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Cookies

    To me, being invisible is like having an unlimited supply of your favorite cookie. In the beginning, you start slow, you are reasonable with your cookie consumption. You eat the cookie maybe after a meal as dessert but later you can 't get enough of the cookie. Eating one leads to another being consumed, which in turn leads to another, and all of a sudden, several months later, you’ve gained several pounds, probably have some type of sugar problem, and just the thought of a cookie will make you…

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  • Sears: Major Components Of E-Commerce

    The internet has made e-commerce, relatively new but growing rapidly, a new avenue of sales potential. Every internet user is a potential customer (Holden, Belew, Elad, Rich, & Gulbrandsen, 2008). Like other major retailers, Sears has both physical and e-commerce storefronts. Starting out in the 1880’s as a mail order catalog company, it expanded to retail stores in 1925, and moved into department store formats as early as 1934 ("A Narrative History," n.d.) As in-store sale slow, it is…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Essential Man

    How can I ever forget about that day, it marked me so deep into my veins and it was written all over in papers.. It was one sunday afternoon and as I exit the parking lot into the building were the store I worked was located I felt this warm feeling rolling round and round not only in my belly but in my head.. The smell of cannabis drowned the whole building it was insanely gross. I speed walked as I covered my nose with my long sleeve shirt. I made my way to the back where only employees were…

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  • Dido Of Carthage Analysis


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  • Apple Inc.: Why People Use Social Media

    @Apple ( with 33.9k followers, it is not following any user and it has never tweeted, I am sure the account isn 't owned by Apple. According to Brian Sozzi, “Apple has nothing to gain by creating a Twitter account”, he also added, “Twitter is an ecosystem that Apple can 't control and Apple likes to control everything”[2]. Apple does manage the Twitter accounts of some of the company 's divisions like; @AppleMusic ( which has 4.3M…

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  • Essay On Logos Logos

    fabric for reasons such as fashion & clothing , Cutting plastic for car interiors, Toys and packaging. These are only just a small amount of uses a laser cutter can be used for in the industry today. Coca cola: Nike: Apple: Starbucks: Mcdonald’s: Laser Cutting: Bibliography Apple: Starbucks:…

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  • Vetafarm Products

    products, which has made us the one stop solution for #Petproducts. For more details, visit: 2) The health hazards of pets is surely a matter of concern. However, if choose the medication of Vetafarm Products, you can certainly be rest assured that your pet would be on the path of early recovery. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now! 3) Ae you worried about the health of your pigeon? At Vetafarm products, we have…

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