Intrusion Detection Systems Case Study

avoiding such attacks such as Intrusion Detection System (IDS) which is the most popular method of defense [29].
A defense federation is used in [29] for guarding against such attacks. Under this technique each cloud is loaded with separate IDS. The different intrusion detection systems work on the basis of information that is exchange between these systems. In case a specific cloud is under attack, the cooperative IDS alert all other components in the system. Trustworthiness of a cloud is decided by voting, so that the overall system performance is not compromised.
C) Cookie Poisoning
It is method of modifying the contents of cookie by an attacker to gain unauthorized information about the user for the purpose of identity theft. Attacker
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Before making an application live developer may also leave certain debug options running in order to re-examine. Special attention must be given to these backdoors as attacker can gain unprivileged access to the website [31]. Since these debug options facilitate back-end entry to the developers, and sometimes these debug options are left enabled unnoticed, this may provide an easy entry to a hacker into the web-site that let him make changes at the website level [31].
Now that we have seen some of the application level threats to the system we will look into what security measures can be used to avoid such attacks. Best way to achieve an application level security in a cloud environment is to analyze and address security threat at various cloud service model such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS .For example in case of IaaS service model developers are given capability to develop and deploy application in a cloud environment. Developer may not be concerned with the application security of the application his is deploying in a cloud environment. Application runs on a provider’s infrastructure hence provider is responsible to provide various security measures so that infected application sharing resources with others does not affect other applications. Following are the security measures identified by in research paper
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• Custom implementation of authorization and authentication schemes should not be implemented unless they are tested properly [ ].
• Back up policies such as Continuous Data Protection (CDP) should be implemented in order to avoid issues with data recovery in case of a sudden attack [96].
• Additionally, they should be aware if the virtual network infrastructure used by the cloud provider is secured and the various security procedures implemented to ensure the same [25].
Paper [] discusses security challenges in IaaS and discusses identity/access management and multifactor authentication techniques in Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud.
In case of PaaS and SaaS model cloud provider has a responsibility to provide good level of security .Following aspects related to security must be considered.
• How the different applications are isolated from each other and whether the data belonging to one customer is inaccessible to any other customer or not[

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