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  • Huey P Long Analysis

    Huey P. Long – As Illustrated by Ken Burns Huey P. Long was one of the country’s most illustrious figures not only in Louisiana history but also in American politics. He was a man who was hated by some and beloved by many. He was the consummate salesman – he saw a need and he filled it. A man of superior intelligence, he remained a man of the people. Huey lived his life on the run, filling it up with ideas and projects, programs and people. He seemed to know his time was limited and he wanted to use it to do the most good for the most people. Long hated the users and abusers of society and had a great love for the downtrodden classes. He was willing to push the limits of decency and decorum (morality) to help the poor and disadvantaged have the things in life they had never dreamed they could have. Huey Long claimed he was born poor in a log cabin, however, his home in Winnfield, Louisiana was closer to a mansion than a shack. He had a brilliant mind and the gift of gab. He demonstrated this throughout his childhood as he challenged the adults around him. He was curious, excitable and craved attention. He had a passion for power and money. In his early life he was a gifted and successful…

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  • Huey Pierce Long Research Paper

    Huey Pierce Long Jr., also known as The Kingfish, was born in Winnfield, Louisiana on August 30, 1893 (Jeansonne 1). At the age of seventeen, Huey was a traveling salesman from, Louisiana, to Texas, to Tennessee (Simkin 1). At the age of twenty- one, Long went to get his college education from Tulane University Law School in New Orleans. In 1918, Huey started practicing his law career in Shreveport, Louisiana. He presented small plaintiffs against large businesses (Life & Times 3). Long made a…

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  • Messiah Of The Masses Summary

    This paper is a review of Jeansonne Glen’s biography “Messiah of the Masses: Huey P. Long and the Great Depression”. Glen doesn’t believe Long to be a saint nor a sinner; however, he does believe Long’s biggest priority wasn’t the people but himself. The author wrote this biography of Long as a young man getting his first start in politics, his campaign for governor, also his impeachment. In the book Messiah of the Masses: Huey P. Long and the Great Depression, the life of Huey Pierce Long is…

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  • Robert Tucker: The Power Of A Charismatic Leader

    The Senate couldn’t touch him, his enemies feared him, and the President couldn’t tame him. Particularly in the Senate, “Long literally paralyzed the Senate” by fill bursting bills that would be detrimental to the populist movement. He expressed his desire for defending the needs of bankers and businessmen where he expressed his disdain for the Morgan, Rockefellers, and Baruch. The passion, following, and momentum of Long made enemies quiver in fear; they didn’t know how to destroy him.…

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  • Voices Of Protest: The Great Depression By Alan Brinkley

    Voices of Protest: Huey Long, Father Coughlin & The Great Depression by Alan Brinkley is all about the journey of two men during the Great Depression and the overwhelming rise to success. Huey P. Long was a Senator from the swamp state, Louisiana; while Charles E. Coughlin was a Catholic priest from Detroit. The two were from vastly different parts of the country, but they both became two of the most successful leaders in politics during this time period. In all honesty, I did not enjoy this…

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  • Hattie Caraway Research Paper

    She won it without the help of Huey Long. He was assassinated in 1935. She opposed Lend Lease, because she feared it could lead to war. She did much to help the grieving relatives of war victims once World War II was declared. In 1944, she lost the Democratic primary for her third term. But she did not retire from politics. She had been named to the Employees Compensation Commission by President Roosevelt, then later to the Employees Compensation Appeals Board. In 1943, she approved and stood…

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  • Huey Long Threats To Government

    Depression there was a remarkable and powerful, Huey Long. He was the governor of Louisiana, and a presidential candidate in the 1932 presidential election. He was known for his populist ideology and abuse of power. Due to his ability to have control and power in politics, people question whether the constitutional system of separated institutions sharing powers is sufficient enough to guard against the dangers of political power populist demagogues hold. However, our system has the ability to…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Huey P. Long's Speech

    Huey P. Long, the writer and speaker of the “Every Man a King” speech, was the governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932 and a United States Senator from 1932 until 1935 when he was unfortunately assassinated a month after announcing his run for the United States 1936 Presidential Election. When Huey Long made his Every Man a King speech on NBC radio waves in 1934 the United States was enduring the biggest financial crisis in its history after the Wall Street crash in 1929 which caused the Great…

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  • Charles Coughlin: Radio Operator During The 1930's

    Charles Coughlin was a controversial priest and a radio operator during the 1920’s and 1930’s. Coughlin influenced many people and had millions tuning into his weekly shows. He influenced many people and gave them hope. Coughlin was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on October 25, 1891 (Father Coughlin). His father, Thomas J. Coughlin, was an Indian born Great Lake seaman. His mother, Amelia Mahoney, was a seamstress. Charles Coughlin was an only child. Coughlin went to Catholic schools,…

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  • Republican Huey Long Populist Analysis

    Democrat Huey Long, an outspoken American politician regarded as the “best populist”1 who denounced the wealth inequality among the rich and the poor, has seen his fair share of triumphs and victories throughout his term as Louisiana 's Governor and U.S. Senator. Under his leadership, he helped the “distressed” by supporting beneficial programs, such as providing free school textbooks to children, all at such a high price. With spurring controversy concerning the way he ran his own “political…

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