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  • Hula Hoop Exercise

    Hula hooping is considered to a resistive exercise that can be graded depending on multiple factors. Those factors depend on size and weight of the hoop, the material it is composed of, and the style of hula hooping one is doing. The amount of resistance is also determined by those factors. The most appropriate time for this activity is also around the peak time for exercise, which was at 15:00. Doing a hoop session around this time is ideal, as it gives the body enough time to digest any food intake around the lunch hour as well as have enough time to freshen up before the next class. It is also a really enjoyable activities that brings the participant into a very good…

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  • Hula Hoop Research

    This quasi-experimental research aimed to compare the result of hula hoop aerobics group dance to hula hoop aerobics single dance that affected waist circumference and body mass index of a sample group of twenty seven students who were vulnerable to Metabolic Syndrome. According to entry criteria, the researcher selected specifically female students whose waist circumference of 32 inches or more and male students whose waist circumference of 36 inches or more. For hula hoop aerobics group dance,…

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  • My Camping Trip

    icicle shaped figures, glowing crystal beams, and colorful lasers that lit up the night sky. The greatest thing about this stage was feeling the cement under your feet, instead of mud. Then again, hearing the squishy sounds of everyone struggling to dance in the mud was quite entertaining. We caught a few of our favorite artists including EOTO, VibeSquad, and Bogtrotter. As the sun set in the west, the warmth of the sun diminished further; Leaving us even colder than we were before. Dan and I…

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  • Research Paper On Hawaiian Culture

    everything. The inside was smooth and was shredded to be used for desserts, milk, water, and even for your hair. The oil from the coconuts acted like an expensive conditioner that I would use back at home. I always wondered why Hawaiians had such luscious hair, but now it all makes sense. My snacks consisted of guava and pineapple. The fresh fish, such as mahi-mahi, was a delectable and different treat. My body felt so refreshing and cleansed, like I was on a natural diet. Even the way…

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  • Hawaii Narrative

    there and it showed us a boat that sunk and it still has oil leaking on the top they built a memorial over the boat to the people who died and it had all the names. At our hotel my aunt’s boyfriend, my Nana’s husband, my dad and I were saying “my name is Jeff’ “my name is Jeff” “my name is Jeff” “my name is Jeff” all day long. One of my favorites things that we did was that we went to a Luau where we took a bus ride to a private beach in the middle of nowhere My sister and I saw a pig cooked…

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  • Hula In Hawaiian Culture

    What is Hula? When people hear hula they picture beautiful girls with long hair in grass skirts and coconut shell bras, dancing gracefully to the beat of the drums accompanied by chants. Although that is true, hula is actually much more than entertaining and remembering different techniques of moves, but properly understanding the stories behind them. Hula maintains meaningful parts of the Hawaiian culture with its bond to express history and spiritual beliefs. I am neither Hawaiian nor do I…

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  • The Influence Of Dancing: Nonverbal Communication

    that they could predict what would eventually happen if they don’t find a way to save their own culture. According to Hong (2013), in the case of Hula dance, a numerous amount of mele, which refers to song or chant, happened to be lost permanently since they were forgotten before they could get documented (p. 23). Under those circumstances, the ancestor knew they had to find a solution and then came up with the combination of body movements, facial expressions and rhythms, which called dancing.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Death Of A Salesman

    of our notice and interest, is a most rare thing- if it has indeed ever existed. A new thing in costume appears--the flaring hoop skirt, for example--and the passersby are shocked, and the irreverent laugh. Six months later everybody is reconciled; the fashion has established itself; it is admired, now, and no one laughs. Public opinion resented it before, Page | 1 public opinion accepts it now, and is happy in it Why? Was the resentment reasoned out? Was the acceptance work? It is our nature…

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  • Hudsucker Proxy Film Analysis

    Barnes is to be proxy, manipulated by the board of directors to devalue the stocks of the company. As, according to company by-laws, all stocks held by the president must be available for sale to public. Hudsucker stock devaluation would ensure that the board would have the capacity to buy at least 51% of the stock, retaining control. Barnes is promoted from the mailroom to the president as he is seen to be a simpleton. He however uses his position to his own advantage and approves…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Hoop Dance

    I arrived on the site about 30 minutes early because I brought my hula hoops from my apartment. I remembered what Rhonda said the goal of the garden was; “To create a spot where people could meditate, talk and relax”, and I wanted to do just that. I hoop dance and when I hoop dance, I like to do it on either an open field or open parking lot. It gives me more room to be creative and productive. I also hoped by me hooping and doing a bunch of tricks that it would attract attention and people…

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