My Camping Trip

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It was March of 2015 that Dan and I decided to make our first camping trip of the year. This particular road trip was not like the many others we have pursued. When we arrived, we were led by the event staff of Hoopla in the Hills to an open field. We pitched our tent and canopy in the breezy ice cold morning. We hung beautiful tapestries on the canopy for a secluded yet magical hangout spot. We placed a table and two chairs under the center of the canopy. On the table, we had a box of tissues, a big bag of hand warmers, an ashtray, and a candle filling the air with the sweet scent of sage.
Once the camp was set up Dan and I took off into the woods to search for any scrap wood we could find. After fifteen minutes of searching we found a pile of sticks and logs, which felt waterlogged from the morning dew. A half hour goes by and we’ve managed to collect enough wood to last the rest of the day and through the night.
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It was decorated with bundles of string knotted into icicle shaped figures, glowing crystal beams, and colorful lasers that lit up the night sky. The greatest thing about this stage was feeling the cement under your feet, instead of mud. Then again, hearing the squishy sounds of everyone struggling to dance in the mud was quite entertaining. We caught a few of our favorite artists including EOTO, VibeSquad, and Bogtrotter. As the sun set in the west, the warmth of the sun diminished further; Leaving us even colder than we were before. Dan and I decided to head back to our camp site. While walking back we passed a elegant fire hooper. (A fire hooper is a person who manipulates a hulahoop with four to eight wicks attached on it). She moved so passionately, almost as if she was one with the hula hoop. I noticed a red little barn filled with people playing acoustic instruments. I could hear the sweet sounds of a fiddle, guitar, tank drum, and miniature harp. All working effortlessly together to produce an subliminal

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