Themes In The Hatchet By Gary Paulsen's Hatchen

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When I was younger, my friend Nathalie and I always played living in the wilderness. We were two orphans running away from the police and the nasty warden of the orphanage.
The forest near our school and the fields next to my parent's house were our home. Alone in the wilderness we had to survive on our own; find food, build a bivouac and make a fire.
To get the needed knowledge we just had to read up on it in my scouting manual.
Brian, the protagonist in Gary Paulsen's novel “Hatchet” written in 1987, also has “to survive […] in the woods” (J) – alone and without any manual. The topic of the tale told in this book is similar to themes in Paulsen's other works (J). “Hatchet” is followed by four more novels which tell how Brian's story goes on (F). The
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178) and he gains “immensely in his ability to observe what was happening an react to it” (C, p. 179). At the end a tornado raises the tail of the plane out of the lake and Brian remembers the survival pack in the plane. With a self-made raft he picks it out of the wreckage. Besides “[u]nbelievable riches” (C, p. 171)
e.g. a sleeping bag, an aluminum cookset, a sheath knife and a first-aid kit, there is also an emergency transmitter which Brian “unwittingly turn[s] on” (C, p. 178). A pilot receives the transmitted signal and comes to rescue Brian.
The tale takes place in “Hampton, New York” (C, p. 20) and “the Canadian north woods”
(J). The time is not mentioned, but it could be the 1980s (J), the time when the book was written. The novel goes on for Brian’s and his mother’s car journey to the airport, the flight in the plane with and without the pilot and those fifty-four days while Brian is in the woods.
Most of the story is set nearby the lake where Brian lands the plane. The lake is “Lshaped”
(C, p. 26) and Brian builds his new home “at the base of the L, looking up the long part with the short part out to his right.” (C, p. 36) Next to the lake there is a stone

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