Human communication

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  • Reflection: How Communication Is Important In Human Communication

    Communication is very important in human civilization history and it has been developed until today so that people will know the best and efficient way to deliver messages to the audience. Generally, people used to think that speaking is the best way to communicate to other people, however for me, speaking is not the only best way to communicate to the people because we can send our ideas or message to other people by using many different ways. In this class, I was taught to have good skills of communication and develop them into four aspects, which are writing, oral, visual, and electronic. All of these aspects have been basic principles of this foundation communication course. I believe that all of my assignments required to use the application…

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  • The Importance Of Human Communication Systems

    formation and speech used by people of different countries, areas or social groups. Language is possessed by human beings and is a clear indication of the difference in human communication system when compared to those of the animal kingdom. Language helps us as humans in so many ways. It enables us to collect and preserves knowledge so that we can pass it along to the next generations (Anon 2014). But animals also have the ability to communicate with each other, but thanks to the lack of…

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  • Nonverbal Cues In Human Communication

    immeasurably tougher than it used to be. Nowadays most people are entombed in the infinite void of cyberspace. Lost without a thought of the potential experiences and chances to connect with those living in reality. The connection that has been the basis of human interaction since the beginning of time is tragically dwindling away and being replaced by robotic messengers. When will the time come that the population will be unable to communicate without the help of electronic devices? The…

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  • Facial Expressions In Human Communication

    The role of facial expressions in human communications is truly incredible. With the recent studies, it is clear that this non-verbal contact has a very significant influence in expression of pain. The information transformed by our facial muscles is so distinct that programmed software can recognize the pain through our gestures. Researches from UCSD, created this unique software that has accuracy of 85%. The mechanism behind the software is to record all the muscle contractions and their…

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  • Technology's Negative Influence On Human Communication

    era where you can send videos, audios, images, or even live stream from your cell phone to the world, to any other person in the world. We all can share our thoughts and work to the world. As a consequence of this some people have considered social media and the Internet to be a great development in human communication, whereas, some other people have realized that technology is a bad influence on our human relations. Nevertheless, it is impossible to deny that these new ways of communicating…

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  • Human Language And Language's Role In Human Communication

    instrumental role when it comes to human communication as it ensures the accomplishment of numerous activities. Notably, language makes sure that a consensus is reached whenever people communicate as the information being relayed is comprehended in an easy manner. If language did not exist life would be cumbersome as an agreement would not be realized and this would be disastrous (Formigari, 2004). Apparently, the ultimate origin of human language has not yet been decided as a consensus does not…

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  • How Does Technology Affect Human Communication?

    This commercial leads people to believe that technological communication is better than human to human personal contact and fun, just because it is considered “easier”. Because of this increase in technology, people are now starting to identify that technology is beginning to hurt human social contact. As a result, a large amount of facilities are starting to lead towards a cell phone ban in order to allow the creation of more social interactions. A good representation of this is that in some…

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  • Wireless Communication: The Evolution Of Human Society

    The unique ability of communication i.e. conveying information has made possible the evolution of human society. The history of communication shows mankind`s search for ways to express itself, to gain knowledge and to prosper. Lives of humans are related to each other. Initially, the most challenging task for a man was to put forth his thoughts. It was impossible to convey one`s thoughts through gestures and body language thus words were invented. Thoughts can be portrayed in the form of words…

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  • How Does Social Media Affect Human Communication?

    Social media is something that the majority of us use on a regular, day to day basis. It allows us to instantly and easily connect with others to share opinions or ideas. The term social media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue (Baruah, 2012). We use it casually and professionally, and it has become an important tool for human interaction and communication. Social media is also a relatively new form of communication,…

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  • Nonverbal Communication In Human Social Interaction

    1. Discuss the importance of nonverbal communication in human social interaction. Nonverbal communication is very important in human social interaction. We can use nonverbal communication to show how we are feeling, as well as, see how others are feeling. Based on facial expressions, body language, eye contact, hand gestures, and placement of limbs, we can usually depict someone’s internal emotions that they may or may not be portraying. When we are speaking, although understanding what they are…

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