Nonverbal Communication In Human Social Interaction

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1. Discuss the importance of nonverbal communication in human social interaction.
Nonverbal communication is very important in human social interaction. We can use nonverbal communication to show how we are feeling, as well as, see how others are feeling. Based on facial expressions, body language, eye contact, hand gestures, and placement of limbs, we can usually depict someone’s internal emotions that they may or may not be portraying. When we are speaking, although understanding what they are saying and how they are saying it is important, it is also important to understand how their posture and use of nonverbal communication is effecting their verbal communication.
The use of facial expressions can help a person express their emotions better.
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Conventional humor is things like things we expect to be funny and to stimulate the people around. Examples would be like: a comedian who tells jokes people can relate to or a joke about someone being silly. Nonconventional humor is things like dark humor that most would not consider the norm of the concept of humor. Examples would be like: someone getting hurt when attempting a weird act or a joke about a morbid subject. Depending on the culture, humor will be depicted in many ways. People in America may find that jokes about stereotypes funny, while people in China may find jokes about stereotypes to be very offensive.
Humor can hold a great light over someone’s life. “One area where questions remain is the effect of laughter on the so-called stress hormones: epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol. This is important because it is theorized that if laughter does, in fact, decrease stress hormones, this would be one mechanism that might explain the proposed connection between laughter and immune function, and from there to improved health outcomes” (Strean, 2009). It can be theorized that laughter is the best medicine because it helps people leave a little bit of their reality and focus on laughter, making them feel

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