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  • The Importance Of Micro Expressions

    Micro expressions can help people become more sensitive to other peoples feelings, since common expressions on the face don’t always accurately portray how someone is really feeling. By being able to read the emotions that they are trying to conceal, it can better peoples understanding of others (Ekman, 2015). Everyone can benefit from learning micro expressions, teachers can read the expressions of their students faces to obtain cues when deciding if students are understanding the material or not. Bosses can read the emotions of their employees to avoid wearing them out, and improve effectiveness (Matsumoto, Hwang, 2011). A man named Mark Frank was able to teach himself about micro expressions and use his knowledge when being a bouncer for a bar in Buffalo, New York. He said he was able to spot potential troublemakers, or whether they were lying about not being underage (Donovan,…

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  • Microexpressions According To Paul Ekman's Study

    Radiolab did a segment on how our facial expressions can be hints to our inner emotions by interviewing Paul Ekman, a renowned psychologist who is a pioneer in the study of emotions. The radio segment begins with a psychologist by the name of Gordon Burghardt. Burghardt studies snakes particularly the hognose snake. Gordon studies them by putting a chicken puppet inside the cage and begins to attack the snake with this puppet. The snake reacts by flipping over on its back, starts to bleed from…

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  • Body Language Observation

    visible. The results showed correct answers of 80 percent hands not visible and 75 percent hands visible. Every person communicates using both verbal and non-verbal language. Non-verbal language/communication consists of body language, facial expressions and touch. Psychologists have determined that non-verbal communication provide a wealth of information to others regarding their emotions (Burton, Westen, & Kowalski, 2012). An angry look or a stamping foot, can speak just as loud as a…

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  • ZAPS Interactive Activity

    In 1969, Paul Ekman argued that anger, fear, disgust, sadness, and happiness are considered primary emotions that produce innate facial expressions. He suggested that surprise, pride, and contempt should be included within the group of “basic emotions”. The innate theory was proposed by Caroll Izard’s research on young infant’s facial expressions. The experiment included in this ZAP activity asked me to choose which emotion I thought the picture provided was portraying most accurately. From my…

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  • Facial Expressions Research Paper

    innate and not learned, but that they’re also universal across cultures. They believe that whether you were born in Tokyo, Oklahoma, or the isolated Amazon, you’re born with an innate ability to identify certain basic emotions like anger, fear, happiness, surprise, sadness, and disgust play out on a human face. Darwin was one of the first to express this theory back in 1872 in his book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. He suggested humans evolved such emotional expressions…

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  • Evolutionary Perspective On Emotionality

    was linked to adapted characteristics that evolved through natural selection. In other words, the evolutionary perspective assumes that ancient human environments contributed to the modern human traits that allows us to adjust to modern threats, emotions, and scenarios. For example, a mother may become aggressive when protecting her children against prey and defend them. Through natural and sexual selection the trait has become prevalent in general protectiveness over their young in…

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  • The Importance Of Verbal And Nonverbal Communication

    Communication is a very important part of living and it is also important in a relationship. Without communication, we would not be able to express our feelings or gain confidence for your personality. Without communication, having a relationship is going to be difficult to maintain and will lead to a divorce or break up in the relationship. There are different types of ways that we communicate with each other and also how we communicate with each other. Verbal and nonverbal are the type of…

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  • Fieldwork Observation

    For my fieldwork project, I visited a local park to observe the people there and how they communicated. At the park, there was a large, grassy field, a playground, and a few picnic tables. During my time at the park, I made many detailed notes on what kinds of non-verbal communication took place. It was a nice, breezy day, and many families were having picnics. This was the perfect opportunity to watch some interesting interactions, so I sat on a bench and observed. One family was having a…

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  • Nonverbal Communication In The Classroom

    As children we are raised to always have respect for authority figures, no matter what positon they’re in. An example of this would be the way students respect their teachers in the classroom because of the teachers’ expert power (McCroskey, Richmond 1983). In this case expert power is the student’s perception that the teacher is competent and knowledgeable in all areas of study (McCroskey, Richmond 1983). But when you think about it, how much of this urge to respect our teachers comes from what…

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  • Human Behavior In Ice World

    The earth contains a massive amount of biodiversity, like other animals on this planet, humans are just a member of the animal species. We tend to think or see ourselves as more superior to other living organisms because we have special features that allow us to function somewhat different from the rest of the animals. But still we are not different from the other animals, especially our closest living primate relatives, the bonobos and chimpanzees. To understand ourselves and what our place in…

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