The Importance Of Social Intelligence

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Understand how to make good use of social skills and managing emotions are the first conditions to all employees who need to interact with customers in their jobs; for instance, hospitality industry, but also to everyone interacts with others in daily life. However, people start interacting with each other by using their electronic devices and create a phenomenon of social corrosion due to the development of technology. Nevertheless, the essay will discuss what benefits of having a highly skilled of social intelligence and emotional intelligence in individual and organization of the hospitality industry. There are servals inter/intra personal skills of each intelligence that would help to develop relationships and success in jobs. Yet both …show more content…
According to Phipps (2007) mentions that social intelligence has branched into two components by Daniel Goleman’s research in 2007, and the two elements are social awareness and social facility. The first element is social awareness which is referred to what you sense about others thought and emotions, including empathy. The second element is social facility which is referred to facilitate effective and smooth social interaction by interacting with others synchronously, including synchrony and influence (Goleman, 2006; Phipps, 2007). It is a never-end learning of how to develop social intelligence. Why? It is because the method to develop it is through learning from the past experiences. Everyone needs to learn from that through self-reflection and learn from the mistakes. The other way to say is, to have a better performance in the present is relied on the social histories and the relationship experiences in the past. Therefore, the more experience of relationships, the higher social intelligence you have. For example, a boy who experienced of being bitten by a dog, and so on he thought dogs are very dangerous. However, after he reflected on himself, he got up the courage and tried to get closer with dogs. Finally, he broke himself. Consequently, people can change their neural pathways of the brain through self-reflection. Based on Goleman (2006) state that there are two neural pathways of the brain function and they are the high road and low road thinking. The difference between these two ways is, high road thinking is a slow and deep- level thinking by using the new brain as known as the cerebral cortex to think of the logic, sequential, non-emotional, conscious and verbal communication. However, low road thinking is using the old brain (amygdala) as known as a limbic system to process emotions, holistic, non-verbal communication,

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