The Seven Perspectives Of Psychology Essay

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Psychology is the scientific study of mental or behavioral characteristics of a single person or group. The theoretical perspective is one of the many perspectives of psychology which contains 7 different categories.
Seven Perspectives
The seven theoretical perspectives help define the way people act, feel, and think. The seven perspectives of psychology are humanism, psychodynamic, social cognitive, cognitive, biopsychology, and evolutionary. Each perspective is different and focus on different things.


This category deals with the principle of stimulus response. Ivan Pavlov & John Watson conducted work in order to create the term “Science of Behavior” which showed their desire to get psychology focused on only observable behavior. After reviewing Pavlov’s work, Watson believed that conditioning using stimulus responses is how behaviors are learned. (Ciccarelli & White, 2015). Freud also had a part in this perspective. He believed that all behavior how motivation is
Cognitive Perspective Cognitive psychology is the study of how people think, remember, store, and use information; however, cognitive perspective is the focus of memory, intelligence, perception, thought processes, problem solving, language, and learning. This field of psychology has a relatively new field called cognitive neuroscience which includes the study of physical workings of 9the brain and the nervous system when engaged in memory, thinking, and other cognitive processes.…

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