Human Language And Language's Role In Human Communication

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Language plays an instrumental role when it comes to human communication as it ensures the accomplishment of numerous activities. Notably, language makes sure that a consensus is reached whenever people communicate as the information being relayed is comprehended in an easy manner. If language did not exist life would be cumbersome as an agreement would not be realized and this would be disastrous (Formigari, 2004). Apparently, the ultimate origin of human language has not yet been decided as a consensus does not exist. Despite this trait, researchers have come up with creative strategies that come in handy while making this distinction. It is the case because they have been able to draw inferences about the emergence of human language and …show more content…
It is because it is a process that begins early in a person’s life. For example, infants start to babble, and this is a perfect indicated of the development that is taking place, and this is a worthy undertaking. Conversely, some studies suggest language recognition emerges when the fetus is able to identify the speech and sound patterns depicted by the mother’s voice (Formigari, 2004). It is the reason after a baby is born they can distinguish their mom’s accent. In language development, the productive progress is realized whenever preverbal communication is witnessed. It, therefore, entails infants using vocalizations and gestures to relay their intentions and this is often an exciting …show more content…
Specifically, in this form of communication words are not utilized as some of the features used include gestures, touch, body posture, eye movement and facial expression among others (Phipps, 2011). Notably, body language usually complements the verbal communication whenever social interactions are necessitated. It is the case because it plays a pivotal role when it comes to the establishment of relationships between two parties as interaction is regulated (Ford, 2010). For misunderstandings to be averted the body language should be accurately comprehended. This field ought to be regarded as a modern one given that it keeps on changing based on the social needs.
The origins of body language are, therefore, not definite as it has been evolving over time. On the other hand, it holds unique traits as some of the reactions and gestures relayed are inborn. Additionally, they may be universal across the globe (Phipps, 2011). Conversely, the body language may be learned through observation, and this is the reason people are required to be attentive. It can also be noted that their refined form is realized with use and age. For the inborn traits, one can comprehend this factor be the reality that no one is taught how to scowl in anger, but it comes up

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