Nahheed Neenshi Case Study

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Examining Internal Dialects: Naheed Nenshi’s Interview on Diversity and Business
Excerpt of Interview
Account of information received from Calgary Economic Development YouTube page. In this discussion, the video featured is called “Soul of the City 9- Diversity is Good Business: Naheed Nenshi” and the time frame evaluated upon is between 1:16-2:50 ( In this interview, Nenshi speaks about the value (goodness) of diversity in communities and its extension onwards into the business industry.

An analysis on the relationship between invoiced thought dialogue and perceived notions of communication. Through the understanding of body gestures a discussion of the latent meanings and contexts
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First, body language is an instrument that can be used to communicate certain notions and ideas. Second, individuals are to be stand-alone examined, body language can change depending on a person 's culture, sex and upbringings.

Understanding The Meanings
Behind each movement is a grander meaning. Nenshi’s gestures communicate a general image of how he was feeling and reveal his intention behind the speech. Having one’s hands in their pocket, for instances, shows that they are secretive, closed and conservative (Jain, 2016). In relation, this could reveal that Nenshi has something to hide, whether that 's in his speech or of himself. The further understanding of this is a lack of self-assurance and confidence; Nenshi isn’t entirely open of himself. The constant moving of the body, hands, and head represents anxiety. This expression is only seen through the body, as Nenshi remains a calm tone. Here, we see a juxtaposition between his expressions, this factor could be due to what he is hiding or holding back. Along with this, the minimal eye contact and pauses in his speech agree to this, as they show nervousness. Nenshi’s speech was informative to persuasive. He had information that he wanted the gathering to accept and receive. In this, we see that revealed through his body with the emphasised words and widening of the face. The clearing
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It is important to be noted that the information analyzed uses an understanding of current knowledge in kinetics. The gestures cues made and their interpretations can be different with the influence of culture and sex(Pease A. & Pease B., 2014). Therefore, this understanding is not deemed to be universally accepted. Although there are global commonalities (that is, there is an inborn language), it is wrong to put an umbrella term and categorize different body language for one (Pease A. & Pease B., 2014). The differences can be inherited in many ways for varying reasons such as genetics (Pease A. & Pease B., 2014). Body language is constantly being updated and changing with

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