Essay On Developmental Milestones

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Developmental Milestones
Marking and tracking infants’ achievements and developmental milestones. Children develop at a different rate and pace. Developmental milestones give a general idea of the changes to expect as a child grow. However, it is impossible to pinpoint the exact time which a child will learn a given skill. Although, children reach “milestones in how they play, learn, speak, behave, and move, one must include the following skills: babies’ first step, smiling for the first time, and waving “bye-bye” (Healthy Children, 2016).
When a baby is first born (neonatal period) they utilize sound by crying. During the first month of infancy, babies’ hearing is fully developed and they are able to recognize some sounds. The following
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One of the most, recognizable is infants beginning to enjoy sounds which they make. It is also within this time period infants begin to utter “dada” or “mama” and respond to voices by using jabber. Infants’ development is a continuous process in a child’s life. Within six and nine months span, infants begin to imitate beginning syllables of adults’ words. Depending on the parent (s) the child would be introduced to certain body’s parts. In the range of ten to twelve months, imitation of simple words are very prevalent. They have the ability to say at least four words by the middle of the eleven month. Before a child turns one, they should be able to point at two body parts such as their mouth and nose. Give verbal request such as food and drink; and able to say at least nine words. By the time, children reach twelve to eighteen months, their ability to identify three or more body parts is essential. They are able to use at least twenty words, formulate them correctly, explore objects in different ways, drinking from a cup and brushing their teeth. As children journey on, between the ages of eighteen months and three, children should be able to master identification of simple things shown on a picture, count to twenty or more, be fully potty trained, identify shapes, colors, and

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