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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Leader

    Working for an international company is not the same as running a student organization but I realized that it is very similar in terms of leadership. Every employee was unique with their own set of strengths, weaknesses, culture and beliefs that would contribute to the overall mission and vision of the company. It is a very big group where individual differences are valued and respected. Leaders must be able to guide these talents to grow whilst strategically utilizing their full potential, taking their significant differences into account, towards the fulfillment of the company’s business goals. The essence of leadership is the same regardless of social or cultural difference. The only thing that differentiates international leaders is that they have the ability and foresight to apply their leadership skills on a global construct which is built from international exposure. I consider myself now at a point where my career growth has stagnated due to repetitive cycles at work. I believe that studying would be a better option for growth to equip myself with the knowledge of business. My experiences so far have molded me to follow a certain structure and process which is different from operating on a business perspective. My best chance to break free from that pattern of thought is to enter the field of business directly. I truly believe that Hult International Business School being practical and experiential in its approach to education…

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  • Challenges Of Retaining Diverse Employees

    The business environment is rapidly changing and while some global companies are striving with their success, they are also facing the challenge of hiring diverse and qualified employees effectively. Companies have changed the way they do business because globalization has transformed society and economy and many companies recognize now that having multi-cultural, diverse workforce is a key to success. Diversity symbolizes a new way of thinking and companies perceive those individual…

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  • International Management Case Study

    current business environment and corporate management have transcended geographical boundaries, multinational companies are becoming more and more competitive, which means that multinational companies need a cross geographical and cultural boundaries (Baruch, 2002). Therefore, in order to adjust to this new world rank, multinational companies need to develop more international managers, in addition, multinational management quality in the international arena is very important. In entering the…

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  • Statement Of Purpose For International Business Management

    years, the business world has become rapidly integrated across one’s restricting borders, and anyone with high goals in the business world must have a business perspective and be aware of the realities of different national arenas. After growing up in the business family, I feel that main cause of problems faced by country are lack of proper understanding and learning from the other developed economies, be it in technology or working methodology. So, I personally believe that proper observation…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Time Is Money In My Life

    struggling academically due to stress at home. It was the beginning of the housing crisis in the United States and my Father is a residential real estate agent and my mother was a stay at home mom who was raising my younger brother who has Aspergers. The level of stress at home was at an all time high and I was not equipped to handle everything that was suddenly put on my plate, such as working and paying for my own car and “fun” expenses, trying to balance being on the golf team and school…

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  • Mdm Mak Case Study

    5. Career journey, age 26-56 At 26 years old, Singapore Institute of Personnel Management decided to commercialise and set up their own business. Mdm Mak was asked to join them as she had experience in their administrative work and she agreed. I believe that it was a wise and critical decision, as she had interest in HR and pursuing it would be beneficial to her career in the long run. Mitchell et al, (1999); Krumboltz & Levin, (2004) theory on happenstance supports this view and suggests that…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Interview With An Entrepreneurs

    college. Shortly after meeting, I realized that Grant and I had similar interests in our academic aspirations in that we were both pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and he was in the in the Walker School of Business, and I was working my way there. Grant is a senior and a wealth of information when it comes to the ins and outs of our academic discipline at Appalachian State University “ASU.” Grant said that he decided early on in high school that his college major…

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  • The Johnson & Johnson Co-Op Experience

    The Johnson & Johnson co-op experience is one of the most highlighted opportunities in Rutgers Business School. Many faculty members and students rave about the chance to participate in a six month long job with such a strong pharmaceutical company, especially in the area of Supply Chain. Before starting this position, I never would have thought I would end up at this company – it was never on my list of attainable goals. However, as I look back at these last six months, I can affirmatively say…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Teamwork

    While my engineering profession and uneasiness at the sight of my own blood will not help me directly contribute to saving a life, I have found that the skill set acquired from an MBA has provided countless individuals with the ability to determine alternate ways to enhance the delivery of care. Learning business is a gateway for me to understand how to ease the burden for families (including my own) by creating services that will enable individuals to better understand how to care for…

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  • Voltolini's View Of Leadership Essay

    In this paper I would like to analyze the leadership style of Giovanni Voltolini, emerged during his guest speech at the Free University of Bolzano in January 2016. Giovanni Voltolini is the manager of the Italian branch of Nixon, an American company specialized in watches and, more in general, accessories for both man and women. During his speech, he discussed many aspects of his personal view of leadership. What I found particularly interesting was that, as the director of the Italian…

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