Personal Narrative: A Career As A Leader

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I had never felt such a complicated mix of anxiety, excitement, honor, and sadness like I during that moment. These leaders which I looked up to were now stepping down one by one, formally relinquishing their post and turning over all duties and responsibilities to their respective successor. I stood there trembling while smiling, waiting for them to call me last and then it happened. I heard her finally say “It is my pleasure to announce that as of this moment I hereby pass down the title and responsibilities of President to your next leader, Kristian”. I knew then that it was no longer a freshman’s dream but reality. I became the 26th President of La Salle Computer Society.
I admit that taking on the role of president was not easy and it
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Working for an international company is not the same as running a student organization but I realized that it is very similar in terms of leadership. Every employee was unique with their own set of strengths, weaknesses, culture and beliefs that would contribute to the overall mission and vision of the company. It is a very big group where individual differences are valued and respected. Leaders must be able to guide these talents to grow whilst strategically utilizing their full potential, taking their significant differences into account, towards the fulfillment of the company’s business goals. The essence of leadership is the same regardless of social or cultural difference. The only thing that differentiates international leaders is that they have the ability and foresight to apply their leadership skills on a global construct which is built from international exposure.
I consider myself now at a point where my career growth has stagnated due to repetitive cycles at work. I believe that studying would be a better option for growth to equip myself with the knowledge of business. My experiences so far have molded me to follow a certain structure and process which is different from operating on a business perspective. My best chance to break free from that pattern of thought is to enter the field of business directly. I truly believe that Hult International Business School being practical and experiential in its approach to education will be able to bring out the best in

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