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  • Reflection On Gibbs Reflective Cycle

    projects that had been taken from business. My learning outcomes and feelings from this course I will discuss further in my reflection of the project. Gibbs’ reflective cycle will be used as it is a popular model for reflection. The model includes 6 stages of reflection and is presented below as cited in Dye (2011). Figure 1. Gibbs’ reflective cycle Source: Dye (2011) During the first lesson of our course, we divided into the groups in order to work real-life business projects introduced by our…

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  • Toyoda Case Study

    design until make Toyoda are famous with the manufacturing loom.(Liker and Ogden,2011) Their first achievement when they could invest a new technology loom machine, it called G-type Automatic Loom. Sakichi ,had improved by capital to enter automobile business by improving the efficiency of Japanese.(Togo and…

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  • FBLA Case Study

    he go through the process to forge a club that is now the largest career student business organization in the world? Why have over 230,000 chosen to join this club and better prepare themselves for a career in business? I think it’s because Dr. Forkner was looking towards the future, and he saw future men and women that can, and will, be very successful in the realm of business. FBLA’s mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative…

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  • The Importance Of Keeping A Business Phone System

    A business phone system not only improves the customer experience, but also provides the business with a cost-effective and efficient way to route calls. However, this is only true if the system is running properly and is maintained by knowledgeable personnel. As with any type of technology, over time parts and components can cease to function and will need to be replaced. Depending on the system purchased, these replacement parts can either be nonexistent or very expensive to procure. This is…

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  • Benjamin Franklin's Independence To Do Well

    Why you need financial independence to achieve great feats in life Benjamin Franklin was an author, printer, inventor, scientist, civic activist, postmaster, statesman, and diplomat. He founded University of Pennsylvania, American Philosophical Society, Library Company of Philadelphia, and United States Postal Inspection Service. He invented lighting rod and bifocals. He started volunteer fire-company and volunteer militia to defend Philadelphia. He was a Postmaster General and a diplomat to…

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  • Comptech Case Analysis

    1) CompTech doesn't institutionalize work details for the position of store director. Work details are left to the caution of locale supervisors working eight to thirteen stores in a land region. In any case, there is an example of procuring competitors with a MBA degree or possibly three years of experience filling in as store directors. With a specific end goal to approve both prerequisites, work relatedness must be investigated. Past execution information from all store directors can help…

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  • Lincoln Electric Company Harvard Case Study By James F. Lincoln

    This case study will be view from eight different features before I shall discern the company’s culture, and these views are as follow: 1. THE CONTINUE INFLUENCE OF THE FOUNDER. It was recorded in the Lincoln electric company Harvard case study by Arthur Sharplin that James F. Lincoln died in 1965 which raise lot of concern that the company might close down because some people feel there is no one that can run the company like Lincoln did but till now the company is still running. This I think…

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  • The Importance Of Majors In Business

    get them confused which major they will choose. Students have to know they need to pick a field that they like or feel it is going to correspond with their skills. Business is an important major in the world, and it is identified as a critical resource for countries. As explained in an article published by Africa News Service “If business can do the heavy-lifting of creating jobs and wealth, societies can be transformed and people can lift themselves out of poverty.” Moreover, the more the…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Financial Manager Essay

    It is a job that interests me and seems like something that will be enjoyable because of my high interest in it. I have been good with numbers and math my whole life, so I feel that this job would suit me perfectly. There is just something about business that makes me want to go into it when I am older. There is plenty to know about a financial manager. I got a ton of information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is a very trustworthy agency that is a part of the federal government…

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  • My Financial Genogram

    realize how many people went to school and got their college degree. I found out traits that my family members share, which helped me to discover more about myself and explained why I behave the way I do. All of my dad’s family members are all dead except for my step aunt who is still alive. She is an accountant and works in University back in Nigeria. My paternal grand-parents were mostly farmers. According to my mother, most of my dad’s siblings went to school and graduated from college. As…

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