Challenges Of Retaining Diverse Employees

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The business environment is rapidly changing and while some global companies are striving with their success, they are also facing the challenge of hiring diverse and qualified employees effectively.
Companies have changed the way they do business because globalization has transformed society and economy and many companies recognize now that having multi-cultural, diverse workforce is a key to success. Diversity symbolizes a new way of thinking and companies perceive those individual differences as opportunities rather than barriers, but how can they solve the problem of the difficulty in hiring and retaining those diverse employees? Here are a few solutions for this issue;
1- Diverse labor force demands diverse employee benefits
One of the solutions to attract diverse employees is to actually have a diverse and flexible benefits package and competitive base pay. Different people will value different things. Employees usually consider a good benefits package and salary to
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Also, companies can start with a good draft of a job description emphasizing the specific requirements and qualifications needed for each position, such as technical and performance skills, specific foreign language or managerial skills for instance. Some other steps could be improving interviewing techniques, add personality and psychological tests that can help identify candidate’s key aptitude such as leadership skills, teamwork, decision-making and many others. In addition, companies should be advertised job position in a wide variety of places, including community boards, settlement service agencies, employment service centers, cultural community groups, local community centers, local ethnic and community newsletters or newspapers, associations and organizations that serve ethnic communities and language schools. Efforts should extend beyond standard online and sector specific job

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