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  • Law School Application Essay

    President Hugo Chavez Frias…

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  • Meaning Of Community Organizing In Elementary School

    the same could have the same understanding. For instance in class we watched a documentary called the Revolution won’t be televised, which took place in Venezuela around 2002. Personally, I never knew who Hugo Chavez was and the work he did in Venezuela. Upon watching the video, I witness some organizing skills from Chavez, in-spite him being the president. Chavez was able to inform the country of how to make their country great again. As I watched Chavez during the video, I saw how Chavez…

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  • Essay About The Chicano Movement

    In the 1960’s there where many movements that started to be heard around the U.S. Most notably the African American civil rights movement. This movement sparked a lot of other groups to fight for their equality and rights now more than ever. One of which was the Latino movement also known as the Chicano movement which had been around since the early 1900’s but it was during the 60’s that they made their biggest impacts. These are the events that helped them progress in their fight for rights and…

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  • The Chicano Movement In The 1970's

    Question #1 Chicanos have gone through a lot and specifically thought out the 1970’s. The Chicano movement in the 1970’s can be described as powerful, political, and history changing. It was just not the adults who struggled, the Chicano youth took a part too. For instance, the youth were struggling with identity, equal education, and just plain discrimination. Chicano youth struggle with identity because when they are in the United States they are pressured into giving in into the dominant…

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  • Mexican American Civil Rights Movement

    As far as american history and civil rights goes, the education system should not teach us that black and white racism was the only issue at the time. In fact, schools managed to ignore the civil rights struggle involving Mexican Americans, Asians, LGBT community etc. I became heavily interested in this topic my first semester here at state once I took a latino studies course where we touched bases on the Chicano movement that occurred in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Growing up Chicano this issue and…

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  • Cesar Chavez Movement Research Paper

    “Huelga! Huelga! Huelga!” grandma screamed alongside Cesar Chavez and hundreds of other protesters outside the Delano, California vineyards. The rays of the burning sun, searing their skin were the least of their concerns. Protesters were there to proclaim justice for all the farm workers that had been denied the right for proper working conditions in the fields. Bertha Silva came from a Mexican decedent, her parents moved to Delano, California when she was the age of 11. Soon after arriving,…

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  • Dolores Huerta In American History

    All throughout American History we have been taught about the Slavery, Civil rights movements, the presidents and many many wars. But, something that is always very much overlooked has been Dolores Huerta and Mexican American history in general. I believe that the knowledge to understand and to know who is Dolores and What she did to offer the Mexicans in the United States is something essential to fully understand the entirety of American History. Which sadly, like I mentioned before is…

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  • Realizing The Importance Of Relationships In My October By Claire Holden Rothman

    that this is not so true. This realization happens when Luc does not understand his family and is being selfish at first, but after having his son run away from home, and trying to communicate to him afterwards, Luc is brought into his reality that he hasn’t been an ideal father after all. Initially, Luc is self-centered and does not try to understand the importance of family. Luc takes no responsibility for his son Hugo. Hugo pretends to faint at school as a prank and Luc blames the…

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  • Private Image Of Aeneas In The Handmaid By Virgil Vergil

    In the two passages, Vergil draws a striking contrast between the private image of Aeneas, the man, and the public image of Aeneas, the leader, where the leader is able to motivate his people so that they can all move forward while the private image of Aeneas wants to give up. Before these first two speeches, the reader knows little about who Aeneas is. His characteristics as a person and a leader are unclear, so it is natural that the reader would pay attention to the first thing this character…

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  • The Theme Of Motherhood In Plath's Barren Woman

    One prominent example that demonstrates the theme of the pressure that accompanies motherhood is found in Plath’s “Barren Woman.” As indicated by the title, this poem tells the story of a woman who can’t conceive. The narrator paints a picture of feeling, “empty” (line 1), and further makes an allusion to a life without grandeur like, “a museum without statues” (line 1). Just as an empty museum has no function, a barren woman cannot fulfill what is often perceived as the greatest purpose in…

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