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  • Cardenas And Populism

    President Lazaro Cardenas’ political style and policies allow him to be identified as a Populist. Using Allan Knight,’s (1998) definition of populism, a leading historian in Modern Mexican history at Oxford University, Cardenas can be associated with this term. Knight (1998) defines populism as “ (a) an appeal to ‘the people’; popular mobilization; dynamic [charismatic?] leadership; and (b) a reformist rather than revolutionary programme; a multiclass constituency; an urban base.” Evidence of the first part of Knights definition can be found in Cardenas proposal for radical change and a progressive agenda that allowed him to win over the trust and hearts of peasants and workers. Cardenas came to be seen as the common citizens advocate. Building his support among common ordinary citizens created a massive base of political support for Cardenas. His political career was built from grassroots support he had gained as a fighter in the Revolution and other political…

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  • Latin American Populism

    Left-leaning populism began to gain popularity due to anti-American sentiments and economically-unproductive neoliberal trade policies (Cardoso). But populism is a threat to democracy in Latin America. According to Cardoso, populist leaders are authoritarian and often create a cult of personality where their power is above constitutional law and political institutions. Moreover, many of these populist leaders use propaganda and “empty rhetoric” to manipulate the poor and uneducated public…

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  • Populism In The 1890s

    activists came together to form their own independent political party which they called the People 's Party, or in other terms often referred to as the Populist Party. The party was a result of multiple social movements which occurred due to the changes in the American economy and its society (American Populism: An Overview of Populism). The Populist Party meant that they worked for reform, they would do this by trying to influence the two major parties of this era, the Democrats and the…

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  • Rise Of Populism

    On November 8th, 2016, the world stood in disbelief. Pundits and regular citizens alike could not believe that the next president of the United States would be Donald J. Trump. Trump had executed one of the most successful contemporary right wing populous campaigns in recent memory. In this essay, I will explore the psychological roots behind Trump’s success in populism, and how his narrative spoke and resonated with Americans more than expected. Defining Populism: In its most rudimentary form,…

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  • American Populism

    conservatives have effectively branded themselves as the party of the common man—embattled dissidents fighting the entrenched, elitist, and hegemonic left” (Blanchette). It’s possible that Trump’s supporters are not absolutists on policies, and will see his actions as serving a populist agenda that they cannot foresee. The populist president cannot help certain constituents without approval from Congress or the Supreme Court, so it’s unlikely that Trump can single handedly offer the…

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  • Negative Effects Of Populism

    There’s a wave of populism sweeping the globe that appears to have made everyone feel either defiantly jubilant or ready to shit their pants, depending on which side of the ideological aisle they’re on. The most prominent example of this populist wave is Donald J. Trump’s upset win over Hillary Clinton in our recent presidential election, but this is not isolated to the United States. Much of Europe, parts of Asia, and South America, as well, have seen such crusades gain momentum, as people…

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  • The Similarities And Differences Of Populism, Progressivism And The New Deal

    There are three major political and economic reform movements that have been discussed so far and they are Populism, Progressivism, and The New Deal. While each idea was thought of in different years they all have similarities and differences. They are similar because they all started from the same reason. For example, they all derive from finding solutions to problems at hand with the government and or the economy. They differ by their views, leaders, and how they plan on executing their ideas.…

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  • Populism In The Gilded Age Essay

    as seen through the laissez-faire methods the government held regarding; industrialization, trade, and social reform. It resulted in the manipulation and corruption amongst business and politics, with an oligarchy consisting of a few major figures such as Jay Gould whom held the majority of the wealth. The Liberals of the era, sought government 's involvement and regulation in America’s business, politics, and overall social reform. The capitalists in an industrializing America overshadowed…

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  • Analysis Of Jack Solomon's Masters Of Desire: The Culture Of American Advertising

    the American Dream being an American paradox in American’s culture. Solomon describes the American Dream with “two faces: the one communally egalitarian and the other competitively elitist. This contradiction is not accident; it is fundamental to the structure of American society. Even as America’s great myth of equality celebrates the virtues of mom, apple pie, and the girl or boy next door, it also lures us to achieve social distinction, to rise above the crowd and bask alone in the glory”…

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  • The Intellectual Elite In Richard Nixon's A Time For Choosing

    ignored them, against the intelligentsia who had belittled and rejected them from normative discourse, against the minorities and immigrants who were somehow destroying America. In this manner, Donald Trump demonstrates the link between post-truth politics and Twitter, a vehicle for the mobilization of anger, for appeals to the identity and emotions of the follower, enough characters to produce a popular soundbite yet not enough characters to have to engage in any productive discourse.…

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