Turkcell And Telsim And Customer Satisfaction

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The success of every business organization is often determined by the satisfaction of their customers, as customer satisfaction is viewed as a key factor in determining a business success. Every business organization that wants to be successful often aims to increase the satisfaction of customers by adding more value to their daily transactions with their customers and also creating avenues where they can have a positive interaction with their customers which in the long run, brings about customer loyalty. This often creates a ripple effect because when customers feel valued, they tend to have a feeling of fulfillment especially if their expectation and desires are exceeded thus leading to a positive feedback from them (Johan, et al. 2014).According to Lee and Cunningham (2001), the perception of customers affects attitude and of inclination towards to a product or service. Service satisfaction often accounts …show more content…
Telecommunication service providers are important to both developed and emerging economic. In Northern Cyprus there is a stiff competition between the two major telecommunication providers that is Turkcell and Telsim. Customer’s satisfaction is a necessity for the survival of both of them in the market. They both have to compete with each other to ensure optimal customer satisfaction in terms of services and product to make their customers loyal. Customer loyalty has been defined as the sentiment that affects the attitude of customers, which makes them want to return to a particular service or outlet for more service. Customer loyalty is the totality that inclines a customer to a product or service; it has been identified as an ingredient for business success and profitability of a firm and has also been identified as a source of gaining competitive edge, because it will help the business in getting the best type of

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