Borneo Lowland Rainforest Case Study

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The Borneo Lowland Rainforest is one of the richest forests in the world, it is an ecoregion within the tropical and subtropical regions of the island. The rainforest is located in Southeast Asia and runs through parts of Malaysia and Indonesia, the region has no clear boundaries to separate it from the Borneo Mountain Rainforest. The Lowland Rainforest takes up around 57% of the island territory consisted of an estimated 10,000 plant species, 380 bird species, and 15,000 mammal species. The area has a steady tropical monsoon climate consisting of heavy rains and warm temperatures which hold stable throughout the year, ensuring a rich diversity of trees and plants. Unfortunately, now the forest is reducing at an alarming rate putting many animals and plants at risk for extinction due to deforestation and poachers. …show more content…
The Borneo Lowland Rainforest is being destroyed without regard for the effects in the future for the main purpose palm oil. Borneo accounts for over 90% of the palm oil production. Therefore, the demand for palm oil there is rising rapidly due to inexpensiveness of the product and is expected to double within the next century, meaning that more forest will be destroyed, and more plants animals will be at risk or go extinct unless something is done to conserve what is left. Another factor putting animals at risk in the Borneo Rainforest is poachers. Borneo has little to no law enforcement to enforce hunting laws therefore leading to illegal hunting, and putting animals into or at risk of

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