The Human Impact Of Deforestation And The Human Environment

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For several thousands of years, humans and other living species have coexisted together, but as the human population continues to dramatically increase, the need for an extraneous amount of resources does as well. Over the past two decades, the human impact on wildlife is easily seen worldwide. Forests have been diminishing at an alarming rate. Deforestation is becoming more of a problem each day. Due to deforestation, biodiversity is decreasing, habitats are being severely polluted, and inhabitants of the forest are being forced out of their comfort zone. This issue often goes unnoticed because humans are so caught up in their everyday lives. Many people support only what is best for humans in their lifetime and don’t look at the bigger picture. People fail to consider how their actions affect not only plants and animals in their ecosystem, but future generations as well. Throughout the years we have harmed and destroyed forest ecosystems and everything that lives in them, so it is only fair that we do everything we can to help limit the amount of damage we deal to our forests and wildlife.

Deforestation has been around since
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Our constant need to build and expand has put our presence in places where it doesn’t belong. When roads or dams are built, habitats are split up. When this occurs, animals get separated from their eggs or offspring and when a species is introduced to a new environment, they die off because the environment does not contain enough resources to withhold them. (Enzor, 2018) Also mentioned earlier, the emissions released to the ozone when trees are absent, harm it and contribute to global warming. Global warming alters many habitats and forces millions of species worldwide to adjust. Deforestation has many global effects on the environment and all that live in

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