Economic Benefits Of Deforestation

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The world is beautiful, colorful, enlightening, and can possibly even be relaxing. With deforestation comes tragedy, if the earth continues to be treated like this, it won’t be as beautiful as it used to be. Economic benefits, roads, and agricultural uses, are reasons why deforestation continues. Loss of habitat, ruining indigenous peoples homes and their needs, and the effect on earth, are devastating things that come with deforestation. Even though deforestation may have profited, it can be very damaging.
Economic benefits are shown throughout deforestation. “When land is empty more businesses get built and roads get made to help the economy” (17). Along with that, Amazon deforestation can help with the economy and can also help people
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As a matter of fact, roads can be extremely helpful since it allows materials to be exported faster and has many positive outcomes (Causes). “A recent book on the economic factors affecting deforestation claims that building paved roads may decrease clearings” (Foster 1). “For example, countries build roads into remote areas to improve overland transportation of goods (Causes). An equally important good thing about roads is that is limits deforestation, but roads can also allow people to what used to be inaccessible land (17). “With all the free areas being created, things like improved road systems and economic stimulating businesses can be built” (Pro). Furthermore, road transportation is very important for the locals and it makes things easier for everybody (Causes). Roads are extremely important and useful for surrounding areas, but these roads can lead us to deforest the land …show more content…
Firstly, a reason behind deforestation is logging, which can help the economy based on how much there is (Amazon). “Fortunately, deforestation can provide enough space to produce enough food for more than 10 billion people who will be hungry in the future” (17). Similarly, food is extremely important and when deforestation happens there is more land area available which allows for more food to be grown, which is a necessity (Causes). With all the cutting of the trees, many areas have been turned into land for cattle grazing. Cattle grazing has helped the economy because of all the meat they’re exporting to different parts of the world, which is why they 're the second largest exporter of beef (Driscoll and Flynn). Once deforestation happens animals start grazing which is very helpful. Animal grazing makes it easier for researchers to find new or thought to be extinct animals, and endangered animals. Doing this can make a very safe and reliable habitat for all of the animals (17). Using the open land for agriculture allows many people to get jobs to support their family and their daily needs, lots of hard work comes with this job (Causes). Agricultural uses may have a few benefits, but it can also do very harmful things to the

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