The Hindu View On Deforestation

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Deforestation is the destruction of a whole forest to make it available to build or live on the land. This problem is getting worse to the point that and estimate of 7.3 million hectares of forest are being cut down a year. Deforestation is an issue to the earth because it is cutting down the amount of oxygen we have in our atmosphere, this is also bad because with the cut down of trees is the cut down of animals homes. Deforestation has happen since the beginning of time but is getting worse every day with more people having houses built. The reason that the trees have been cut down is because people need wood and paper and room to build houses. Humans have only made this issue worse by not reducing the amount of trees they are cutting down …show more content…
They also look at that people should use the world unselfishly so that nature can sustain itself and so our environment is fine for the generation after us. Bhagavad Gita 3:12 says “for, so sustained by sacrifice, the gods will give you the food of your desire. Whoso enjoys their gift, yet gives nothing, is a thief, no more nor less”. The Hindu people’s views are that we keep taking but we never give back so we are just as bad as the people we call thieves. The reason for these views are that when we take down a tree we don’t plant another, so we take but never give meaning it will not grow or stay the same but just get worse for generations to come. These views are here to tell others and yourself that things are not ok and things need to be fixed. The reason that needs to be fixed is that if we want to have a good healthy lifestyle we need to change and so do our habits and looks on deforestation.
The Buddhist people have the same outlook on the way that people take advantage of these forest for example the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Local people are cutting down trees and selling them for prophet toe buy new appliances for themselves. “... You will be cursed if you go to that forest” is told in the epic poem “Gilgamesh,” the Gilgamesh king ignores the tradition and conquers God Funbaba of the forest. Ji-Xianlin
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Even with all these views on how we should change the environment nothing ever happens. Things don’t change with a person these views can be said to everyone but action need to be done because “old habits die hard” and everyone has the habit of I don’t care. The tensions that would arise for pushing something like this on someone is that they don’t want to change the way they are because they don’t see the big picture. The just see the little ones around them that mean nothing to them because it is not there’s. The similarities that they have are that they both want the change to happen and they want the world to be a better place for them and their family to live on. And the difference is that some people will do it and others will not the people that say they want it to happen but don’t do anything don’t follow the views at all. The tension from the different viewpoints are that some just want it to happen but some people want to be able to fix the problem. The view that the people that want to do things will get the better outcome because the task will actually be performed and fixed. All views that the environment needs to be fixed are correct but it comes done to if they will follow

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