Industrial design

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  • Importance Of Industrial Design

    ‘Industrial design’ as a profession originated in the west and has continued to flourish in close collaboration with industries there. Concept of industrial design were imparted to India in early sixties through the establishment of formal education programmes in Indian design schools.(MP Ranjan, quality through Industrial design,1990. Craft disciplines such as ceramics, glass, and textiles might fall into the category of applied arts, industrial arts, decorative arts, fine arts, or crafts. They have been understood as “medium-designated” practices, the values of which are correlated with material objects and their production (Rowley, 1997).)Industrialization brought new opportunities for mass production in craft manufacturing industries. The…

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  • Gender Diversity In Industrial Design

    of Kansas, only one third of the freshman in the industrial design program are female students. Because of reinforced gender roles, many women are steered away from completing a degree in the STEM fields. Gender diversity in industrial design is essential as it puts forth new ideas due to the way women experience the world. It is vital to examine the variation of reasons preventing women from pursuing an industrial design degree and then to construct methods to encourage more women to go into…

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  • Industrial Design Personal Statement

    I had been premeditated for a while, and asking myself whether the industrial design is what I want to do. Industrial design would be a difficult subject for me to work on, I slightly have worked in industrial design. However, I am passionate in design, I am fond of pondering the impossible which people seldom think of and always believe it could be true. I have always drawn and designed, helping people design the logo and the exterior of objects. Yet, that is not enough, I should study more…

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  • Analysis Of The Bauhaus Table Lamp

    The function of the bulb cover is to help diffuse the light, the drawstring power cord is used to turn the lamp on and off, the power cord is used to transfer power from an electrical outlet to the bulb, the glass shaft houses the power cord and the glass base plates function is to keep the lamp upright (Tecnolumen 2016). The Context The designers of this product were Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Carl J. Jucker and they designed the Bauhaus Lamp in 1923. Wilhelm Wagenfeld was a German industrial…

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  • Urbanism In Diagram Architecture

    conditions are transformed into constructed spatial forms in the greatest brevity. For Sejima, the architectural convention of planning rests mainly on the spatial diagram, which results in novel physical relationship between space and body as the buildings are expressed in exact with original design drawings or models. Ito suggests Sejima’s novelty as she manages to depict diagrammed modern urban lifestyles with…

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  • ROV Case Study

    3.4.1 Function Function defines what the underwater robot ROV must do to achieve its Mission Scope are the focal points of design and building. So the ROV will have to be built according to the expectation around our tools, the first task is to look at ways or the tools which our ROV will require to achieve the tasks. Sketch these ideas and think about how we could be made more efficient or simpler. For example, Can the mechanisms or tools be made less heavy, smaller? Is there some danger that…

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  • Utopian Architecture Vs Urban Architecture

    and continue to investigate and research, and influenced architectural industrial nowadays. In the history of Urbanism one can find continuous attempts to achieve solutions for the urban problems. The change from one period to another has often resulted in a conflict in urban space. In the following I will briefly present three examples of urban utopias and conflicts that cover the urban realm of the non-modern to postmodern periods. My aim is not to force Urbanism into a linear development,…

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  • Digital Architecture Graduation Studio

    The decision to get someone involved of the industrial design faculty to help with this research is based on the different approach of (design) ‘problems’ and the focus on the process due to the graduation studio. Industrial design is more focused on creating an experience rather than yielding products, just like what is becoming more and more important in the architecture profession and what the Digital Architecture studio about is. Besides, at the Industrial Design Faculty there is more…

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  • Design Responsibilities

    Design: - Under the design section we will deal with four parties Designers, Architects, engineers, and regulatory authorities. Each party has their own roles and responsibilities. Designers: - The designers will provide the assistance in project design and develop the activities based on our requirements. They will design documentations, technical provisions and other project related documents. They will discuss all the issues and new design ideas in the project meetings. In these meetings…

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  • Case Study Samsung

    Team Name: JENANILOSA 1.The critical activity in the process of Samsung’s transformation into a world-beating developer of new cell phone handset designs and other product line designs were to hire new designers. In order to make the Samsung’s brand stand out from the rest, the chairman decided to hire “young hip designers” from America to come up with fresh ideas, therefore bringing recognition of the Samsung brand. Samsung designers were sent to different places so they could get inspired, and…

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