Ross Gardam Case Study

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Designer profile
Ross Gardam
Ross Gardam is an Australian furniture designer who started his career in 2007. He is a part of stylecraft with also his own Compony [Ross Gardam]. Ross creates furniture with both a traditional and modern style using local manufacturers to help him. He incorporates various modern feels into his work which is pleasing to the eye. He mainly works with chairs and lighting. His athletically pleasing products result in highly rated pieces of art that stand out above the rest. His work generally have a nature oriented theme and have various designs.
He works with local manufactures and artisans which give his products a special something, his light/lamp designs have a funky feel to them and he show off how far he
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His work is exceptional because of how different it is, I love his lights because of the shape and colour contrast. It brings the feeling of warmth and his work has homie feeling.
I like his work because of how out there it is, his lights just look amazing and have such a smooth feel to them, his furniture is spontaneous and has interesting feature of being that little bit out of the ordinary with design and style.
I personally like the “oak” because it has a sleek Dark design that is awesome. I love the grain in the wood and the arch is nice looking. Also the Aura desk lamp has a cool magnetic feature that lets top part of the lamp tilt 360⁰ this feature is to help amplify the light in one certain area.
Ross Gardam has a philosophy that his furniture is made for commercial use but with that edge. The lighting is more of a one off piece of work with a story behind it. With more meaning. He
He started his designer flare after he studied industrial design in university and is father and grandfather both had passion for making. After working in the industrial industry for a while he made his own company in 2007 and from then on been expanding his business till
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His chairs, stools and benches have a distinct look and have a quirky feature or setup. The colours work with each other and make up for a beautiful array of colour, style and function.
I get inspired by his work because of how simple and elegant it is, it shows off some of the best parts of each materials, the grain in the wood, how far metal can bend and colour contrast in the timbers and alloys. His work is intriguing, it has a certain element that just brings out something that a lot of people enjoy. The shapes and glow of his benches give it a contemporary feel that unusual.
He has a family and enjoys spending time with the, this to me, brings a more human side to a workman, he loves to spend time with his daughter and wife. And so in turn with his work it gives him something to look forward to.
He gets his main load of success from seeing his clients face when the see what he has created and it is exactly what they wanted or what it has a better design then they thought.
He is really humble and wouldn’t like to live anywhere else but Brisbane. He likes to use his creative side of his brain and use his family, friends and surroundings as inspiration. His work correlates to his life meaning that he is a bit quirky, bright and

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