Industrial wastewater treatment

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  • Marcellus Shale Case Study

    The second and the third methods include pumping of flow back wastewater from Marcellus wells into underground injection wells and hauling the wastewater to an approved industrial wastewater treatment plant where the water is treated and discharged to surface water. In conclusion, geology and environmental concerns of the Marcellus Shale analyses the drilling process of the natural gas that is formed at a depth of 4000 to 8000 feet. The formation of this natural gas has been of varying effects to the environment and human beings. In its extraction, the natural gas emits some harmful chemicals that affect the aquatic life of sea animals as well as human health. However, the state regulation has enhanced proper mechanisms to dispose the wastewater thereby controlling some of the harmful effects to the environment and human…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Fracking

    are two types of impoundments, those that hold drilling waste, used while drilling the well bore, and impoundments for the fracking fluid. The frack fluid pits are larger and contain toxic fracking fluid. These open pits have been linked to animal deaths and health effects in humans” (paragraph 5) Labeling the larger pits as containing toxic fracking fluid may not be entirely incorrect but it does paint a unwelcoming picture even more so when continue on reading about the pits being linked to…

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  • Wulpen Water Treatment Project Analysis

    There is a growing interest about recycle and reuse namely for industrial water supply (cooling water in power plants, food processing plants, textile industry) although the parcel of treated effluent that is reused is limited. The most important reuse project in the country is located in Wulpen, where treated wastewater is reused for indirect potable water supply. The Wulpen Water Treatment Project treats 2.5 million milligrammes per year by microfiltration, reverse osmosis and the effluent is…

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  • Anheuser-Busch Competitive Advantage

    reduce water usage, Anheuser-Busch needs to be in the front-lines of innovation. As newer technologies are developed, Anheuser-Busch will need to take advantage of the opportunities and implement the newest technologies in its breweries. Bioelectric Wastewater Management also known as EcoVolt is an example of a technology that Anheuser-Busch should take into consideration. Developed with assistance from the National Science Foundation, EcoVolt’s bioelectric innovation uses electrogenic…

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  • The Importance Of The Grey Water Recycling System

    If people started reusing, their water to do things such as water their plants, there would be less polluted water entering our large bodies of water. “A good example of a scenario where this was a major issue is the South San Francisco Bay. This area and its natural salt water marsh were threatened when high volumes of wastewater discharge from the San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant in 1997” (Greywater and Recycled Water systems). Aside from maintaining our water clean the grey…

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  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Safety

    Wastewater can be formed from domestic, industrial, agricultural, commercial activities or any combination of these. Rainwater runoff is also considered as wastewater. This wastewater is full of chemicals, bacterial, viruses and other contaminants regardless where it comes from. Based on this reason, wastewater treatment is needed and crucial for converting the wastewater into an effluent that can be either discharged to the environment or reused. However, wastewater treatment plant posed safety…

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  • Chatthoochee River Research Paper

    The river houses approximately 24 species of freshwater aquatic turtles, 37 species of salamanders and sirens, and 30 species of frogs and toads. Among the wildlife are 9 state threatened/endangered plant species. The river is used for multiple purposes, including supplying 70% of the drinking water for metro Atlanta, equivalent to about 300 million gallons of water, in a day; and power generation for Georgia Power Company, Southern Nuclear, and Southern Power Company. The river ends off into…

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  • The Bio Filtration Process

    Bio-filtration Bio-filter is considered the most important and efficient separation process that is used in the elimination of organic pollutants from water sources. The article focus on the biological processes that are used in bio-filtration and determination of their effectiveness (Acero, 2009). Full-scale laboratory applications of wastewater treatment and bio-filter are discussed and compared with their pollutant removal ability. Filtration is defined as necessary treatment process used…

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  • The Ganges River Research Paper

    for irrigation and public & industrial usage. The mismanagement of river water resources leads to aggravated pollution levels in water, causes the river to run dry and wasteful irrigation. To restore flow of the river, it is necessary to maintain an ecologically-sound flow. An average flow of 51% of river water should be maintained in order to dilute toxins and enable people to access the water safely. It is also necessary to use water-saving irrigation, which would decrease the amount of water…

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  • Conventional Wastewater Treatment Case Study

    1.4 CONVENTIONAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT PROCESS Conventional wastewater treatment consists of a combination of physical, chemical and biological operations to remove solids, organic matter and nutrients from wastewater. The general terms used to describe different degrees of treatment, in order of increasing treatment levels are preliminary, primary, secondary and tertiary or advanced wastewater treatment. Preliminary Treatment The objective of preliminary treatment is removal of coarse solids and…

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