Industrial espionage

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  • Reverse Engineering Ethical Analysis

    engineering, competitive intelligence, and corporate espionage. This is a moral issue because it involves many facets and perspectives in which morality may be derived, justified, or altogether ill applied. Especially with respect to military projects in which corporate secretes may become important, and perhaps from a national security point of view, vital. This issue is relevant, especially in the in the modern age, because of the ease of access in which sensitive material may be gained. It must be noted that corporate espionage and reverse engineering knows no borders. The point of view being used in this analysis is the utilitarian perspective. Sensitive documents are usually stored in a server, on a cloud, or on a personal computer. All of these can be hacked, or stolen by someone of an adequate skill level. Likewise, proprietary information can be gained from loop holes in existing law. For example law does not regulate or dictate gathering of trash via dumpster diving or simple spying. Many firms have participated in this…

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  • Summary: The Girls Of Slender Means

    “Cruelty and power are our life’s strengths, and only in their weakness is there love”. The main theme in this book is Spy. Many at times, it is the women who are used as spies during militarism These women often get entrusted by the enemy and in turn help them to fulfil their mission. Pompey accomplished her mission as a Spy in Germany. The Girls of Slender Means. Long ago in 1945 all the nice people in England were poor, allowing for exceptions. The characters in the book, The…

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  • Edward Snowden Violations

    Snowden probably did not help this situation much. Anyway, the movies main topic of the amount of surveillance kept on the Americans and others around the world raises a lot of questions and different responses depending on who you talk to, which I guess would be kind of the point (getting people to discuss what the government is doing and whether it is right or wrong). Of course there are plenty of people who agree that the amount of information that the extent of the government’s watch is a…

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  • The Role Of Polonius In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    Almereyda 's rendition of Hamlet is one where the bustling and modern metropolis of New York City is the backdrop for the Elizabethan Era tragedy. This amalgamation between the old and the new allows Almereyda’s characters, such as Polonius, to interact in ways that Shakespeare never intended. Throughout the original play, Polonius is seen spying on Hamlet in multiple scenes: this spying remains true in Almereyda’s interpretation. Almereyda relies on his backdrop of New York City and the new…

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  • The Culper Spy Ring

    The American Revolution would have been a vastly different war had it not been for the courage and patriotism of some of the most unrecognized and underappreciated figures in American history. The Culper Spy Ring epitomized espionage during the American Revolution by providing detailed insider information from behind enemy lines. Under the nose of the British, one of the most superlative members of the Culper Spy Ring was Anna Smith Strong, who was the vital communication link for Abraham…

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  • Spies Film Analysis

    A spy is a person who secretly collects and reports information on the activities, movements, and plans of an enemy or competitor. Over the years movies have changed people 's view on spies. When the word spy comes to mind, James Bond is the ideal figure of a spy. Not only does modern movies give spies a false accusation, it distracts the main purpose of a spy. Espionage has been used since the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, which is based on the Hebrew Bible, speaks about Joshua and…

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  • George Washington's Secret Six Summary

    ability. They have used a combination of their skills in a unique way to produce very eye catching titles, to which they then make the history jump off the page and into motion before your eyes. Kilmeade and Yaeger state in the authors note that this book is written in order to honor those that were in Washington’s Secret Six. Kilmeade and Yaeger wrote this because they felt like those who risked their lives did and do not get the credit that they deserve after all without them we probably…

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  • Snowden Argumentative Essay

    protection as a whistleblower due to the fact that he did complain to higher authorities prior to his actions. And with that disatisfaction from no willing progress to be made he took matters into his own hands. That course of action might have not been the best decision legalwise, however; he did believe he was protected under the whistleblower act. Furthermore, his actions did not do anything that harmed anyone, besides insult the government's authority. I believe that is why the government is…

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  • The Influence Of The Culper Spy Ring

    of hiding and transmitting information, like aliases, invisible ink, codes, and dead drops. Some other methods included messages cut into slivers and stored into a hollowed stem of quill. hollowed out silver balls or bullets were also used to carry messages over enemy lines, these items were easily concealed, and if needed, could be swallowed if the messenger was captured. Washington then started to increase his intelligence efforts in New York because he was certain that an attack on the city…

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  • The Spy A Tale Of The Neutral Ground Chapter Summary

    process of some of the characters; which in itself would be beneficial in any story, but the fact that these ideas are backed up by history and knowing that they’re true makes them all the better. For example, one of the themes portrayed in the book was that of patriotism and courage. Patriotism played a big part of the book and also the history of that time. Being patriotic and serving your country back then was also a theme we talked about in class and was a major part for the people in the…

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