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  • Secrets And Lies In The Memory Keeper's Daughter

    Secrets and lies; they go hand in hand and need each other to survive. A secret can be defined as not disclosing information while a lie is creating false information. There are many reasons why people decide to keep a secret or tell a lie. These acts, part of human nature, are used as a source of power or as a defense mechanism. In the novel The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, the author, Kim Edwards explores the perception of secrets and lies through the life of the main character, David Henry. The death of David’s sister during his childhood causes him to keep secrets regarding the life of his daughter, eventually leading to the deterioration of his marriage as well as the relationship with his son. David Henry is introduced as a caring man who loves his wife but after the birth of his children, he makes an impulsive decision based on an emotional childhood loss, altering the foundation of the family relationships. The surprise birth of his daughter, who exhibited the telltale symptoms of Down Syndrome, leads David to have a flashback to when he lost his sister due to a heart defect. After seeing his mother emotionally traumatized, David does not want to see his wife, Norah, go through the same grief and emotional trauma that could arise. Forced with the decision to keep and raise the child or give her up in hopes of a better life, he makes the irrational decision to give the child away. David explains his rationale for sending his daughter away when he asks the nurse, “don’t…

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  • Describe Acid-Base Synthesis

    Questions 1. What reaction was carried out in this lab and what reagents were used? 2. What techniques were used to purify and identify the product of the reaction? 3. Describe acid-base extraction and how it was being used in this experiment? 4. Describe recrystallization and how it was being used in this experiment? 5. Describe mixed melting point and how it was being used in this experiment? 6. What was the identity of the unknown acid? 7. What yield and percent yield were obtained?…

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  • Creative Writing: The Catastrophe Of Cassie

    The catastrophe of Cassie and the coat stealing boy caught my eye because Cassie was thoughtful and unselfish enough to help.( I like what you’re trying to do here, but it doesn’t work. State it more clearly.)This is when Cassie decides to help T.J. after all he had done; I believe that she was admirable for everything that she did but this was about friendship and kindness and those are really admirable things. Cassie had trouble in her life, being black, but she stayed strong and held on to…

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  • Reflection On 'Casey And Cassie: A True Story'

    This reflection paper, will explicitly describe how prejudice, and being a mentor to a transgender individual aligns with what I have so gratefully learned in ALD 600. Casey and Cassie: A True Story (Permission has been granted by, Cassie C. giving permission to tell her story only to, Dr. Elice Rogers, Associate Professor, Cleveland State University). The outcome of this narrative is so different than, Bruce and Caitlyn. Spring semester 2009, Cuyahoga Community College-Western Campus. Deaf…

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  • Cassie Logan's Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

    Have you ever been thrown out of a shop because of your race? For Cassie Logan, that was the case. There were many similarities and differences between the book and the movie Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. The character Mary Logan was the wife of David Logan in both the book and the movie. In the movie she had some scenes that in the book, originally belonged to other characters. In both the book and the movie, Mrs.Logan tries to get people to sign for the store in Vicksburg. Cassie Logan was…

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  • Analysis Of Cassie In Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

    Cry, By Mildred D. Taylor the main character Cassie is very innocent. The book is about a 9 year old girl named Cassie. Cassie is a black girl in a family of 7. This includes her 3 brothers, a mom, a dad, and her grandma. Their family name is the Logans. The Logans are one of the few black families that have their own land. They are so poor that the father has to work on railroads almost all year. There mother tries to protect them from this racist world. She is keeping the innocent or more…

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  • She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom Of Cassie Bernall

    This summer, I decided to read She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall. The memoir is written by Cassie’s mother Misty a year after her daughter's death. Misty Bernall writes about her daughter's early life, her rebellious phase, how she found God and how she apply God in her life before her life was tragically taken away during the Columbine High School shooting. Interviews with friends, family and others describe Cassie through her journey and how she lived. Her mother wants…

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  • Theme Of Courage In Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

    Thunder, Hear My Cry, Mildred D. Taylor uses an example of a young girl named Cassie Logan , who is colored, that must stand up for her convictions despite many injustices against her and her family. Cassie proves her courage by protecting her little brother Little Man from getting in big trouble, facing her white enemy Lillian Jean Simms, and being helpful to T.J despite his actions against her family. Cassie made many choices that proved her sassiness and how outspoken she was. She loved her…

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  • Dazy Sena Admission Theme

    plight of Cassie, a black upper-middle class mother who struggles with her desire to have her son attend a highly coveted institution. The story begins with Cassie and her husband, Duncan, receiving an invitation for an interview at the Institute for Early Childhood Development, which throughout the story, is portrayed as elusive and glorified by many of the upper-class mothers around Cassie. While she had originally applied to the school for a tour in order to reap some inspiration for a play…

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  • Comparing War In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet And The 5th Wave

    Love and War One might ask what is love without war, but the answer will always be the same, there is no such thing. Love and war are two factors in life that are simply always together and are inextricable. That being said, the original play of Romeo and Juliet is a perfect example of love and war showcasing it throughout. However, love and war have also shown up in more recent situations, such as in the book The 5th wave . With the characters, Cassie and Evan also fall in love, but having…

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