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  • The 5th Wave Movie Analysis

    really hard to get it perfect. But I thought that all the side characters were done really well. Zackary Arthur was a cute little Sammy. While Moretz highlighted her sheer determination as Cassie to get back her little brother back. However let’s talk about the bear. Sammy’s little bear. It is going to get Cassie killed. I don’t know why she doesn’t keep it in her backpack or strapped around her or something. Why was she carrying it a lot of the time? Put it in your backpack and you won’t drop…

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  • The 5th Wave Analysis

    points-of-view, 16 year old Cassie, the teen narrator of the largest portions of the novel, is the character whose voice will likely receive the most attention. She's one of the few who's managed to stay alive during the invasion, but not…

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  • Summary In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

    that is told from a 9 year old girl named Cassie 's point-of-view. So whatever Cassie knows we know and sometimes since she is only nine is not that much. Taylor uses some literary techniques to help us understand what to look. One technique that she uses is when Cassie is getting lectures from Mama, Papa, and Uncle Hammer Taylor does this so that it give us insight into the book 'sdifferent messages. Another example of this at work in the novel is when Cassie overhears the adults talking at…

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  • Cloud Lake: A Short Story

    All Angels had wings, but none were as dark as Raven’s. She had shimmering, dark blue wings that ombred into black tips. Most of the other Angels had cream colored wings with a pink or teal tint to them, but none of them were dark. Because of the peculiar color of her wings, most angels regarded her with some apprehension. There was no fear, but they were unsure of what to think of her. However, there were two angels that did not let their differences stop them from being friends with her.…

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  • Bigotry In Children

    Even after her awful experiences in the store (society’s influence), and on the sidewalk with Lillian Jean (peer influence) and her father, Cassie cannot grip the reasoning behind their horrendous actions. Cassie claims, “Mama’s grip did not lessen. ‘It is something Cassie. White is something just like black is something. Everybody born on this earth is something and nobody, no matter what color, is better than anybody else.’ ‘Then how come Mr. Simms don’t…

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  • Reflection Of A Book: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

    This a book about Cassie Bernall, told through her mother and other sources. Mrs. Bernall talks about Cassie’s life and her religious faith, which led to her death. She also talks about how Cassie has a lasting affect on their family and how she help form them into the people they are today. On page 60, her mother says, “Needless to say, our meeting at the sheriff's office made us more determined than ever to protect Cassie from any influence that would pull her away from…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The 1999 Columbine Massacre

    got injured in the hallway made his way to the library but I heard a big boom when he came in like as he fell. Thats when they realize it wasn't a prank (Bernall). I ran in there to try to get them to run out. I ran in and I could see Seth holding Cassie in his arms and Sara holding Cassie's legs (Bernall). Dylan and Eric had made their way to the library. I dove behind the bookshelves and watch where Dylan and Eric walked. The two gunman kicked a chair hitting a arm and head of someone and…

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  • The Real The Bad And The Ugly Analysis

    The Real, the Bad, and the Ugly by Cassie Heidecker is an interesting example of analyzing the reality TV epidemic and in addition to the people that view it. The author starts out by listing things that go into a reality TV production and things that happen in real life in order to state that these are two different things despite the idea that reality TV is supposed to be “real”. The mundanity of real life is emphasised here vs. the idea that reality TV is scripted and has a lot of extra work…

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  • Rick Yancey's The Infinite Sea

    mostly because of death. Yancey left out parents because biological parents gave him up for adoption as a baby. He connected his feeling of being alone to the book and left all the characters feeling the same way he feels toward his long lost parents. Cassie, whose father was shot in front of her,…

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  • A Chorus Line Analysis

    and triumph resonated not only with dancers in the audience, but also with the general population, says dancer Leslie Woodies, who played Cassie in the New York Shakespeare Festival production. “I remember people would wait 30 or more minutes by the stage door to tell us their stories,” she says. “Even years later, when I was in On Your Toes, a woman who read Cassie in my bio waited to tell me that after watching A Chorus Line, she found the courage to leave an abusive husband. The production…

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