The Catastrophe Of Cassie And The Coat Stealing Boy Caught My Eye

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The catastrophe of Cassie and the coat stealing boy caught my eye because Cassie was thoughtful and unselfish enough to help.( I like what you’re trying to do here, but it doesn’t work. State it more clearly.)This is when Cassie decides to help T.J. after all he had done; I believe that she was admirable for everything that she did but this was about friendship and kindness and those are really admirable things. Cassie had trouble in her life, being black, but she stayed strong and held on to what meant most, her feelings. She wasn’t afraid to express herself or her opinion. I learn this from the Strawberry incident when she yelled at Mr. Barnett and got shoved on the sidewalk by Mr. Simms. (Add a few words here to let the reader know what happened.)It got her in trouble, it got her revenge, but most of all, it got her love and warmth. She became a better person by expressing these feelings and emotions. It helped her to let off some steam and see the world differently, almost like a MLK jr.jr. She had some ups like the time she beat up Lillian Jean, but then there were downs like the time she stood up for little man and got a “whippin’.” She saw some horrible things that no kid her age should see, like the Berry’s and their burnt bodies or the time she saw the night men stop at the house with guns and ropes. Cassie endured so much that it made her more of an adult than a child. At first she was just an innocent child with ignorance to reality but more and more she begins to…

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