Theme Of Innocence In Mildred Taylor's Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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In the book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor, the book is about a black family named the Logans. The logans believe that whites and blacks or the same and they should be treated the same because there both humans. The family also does not believe in violence when violence is all around the area they live in. The Logan 's family consists of Papa, Ma, Big ma, Cassie, Little Man, Christopher John, and Stacy. All the family members get that blacks get treated bad and whites will be mean to them but cassie doesn 't understand that she is innocent Innocence is when a person thinks they do anything wrong or when they don 't do anything wrong. and these are the reasons why.why that cassie is innocence

First of all, At page 105
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After this Cassie waited then it happened again after this Stacy was so mad she started screaming at the storekeeper and even called the store person a bad swear word for a white person. Cassie doesn 't know what 's going on again because everyone black person had pretty much no rights and a white person could cut a black in line and they could do much more. People hate blacks even more in this time because if you owned a slave you would not own it anymore because of the law. Cassie also, doesn 't know what 's going on because a black person isn 't really a lot to talk to a white person. if you do you could be punished. but if you called them a swear when you 're an adult you could be easily killed. On top of it Cassie didn 't even think that this was wrong. When Stacey was calling all the white people a swear word another black women came in and tried to calm cause down and to be quiet and she got threatened because they thought that cassie was there kid. The only reasons why they weren 't treated is because the store keeper kicked them out and there mom didn 't have a chance to go in they had to go to …show more content…
When he bumps her they get into a little argument that escalates into a bigger argument. When they start getting mad at her he calls her crazy because the white lady thinks that cassie means nothing and Cassie is getting no respect. When cassie calls her crazy the husband hears them with his kids and the husband throws cassie into the road when the kids just look at her. Even though this is legal it could have killed her. This is another example of racism because the white people don 't care if black people die and when something doesn 't go the white persons whey they always take it out on the black people or they do it for enjoyment. Cassie is innocent because she doesn 't know or think that a white person can control them and make their lives so miserable. Cassie also doesn 't know that a white person love to bully and kill black

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