I Never Had It Made By Jackie Robinson Character Analysis

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How can turning points develop a character? A turning point can be described as a challenge faced or a switch that can go positively or negatively. In the autobiography “ I Never Had It Made”, by Jackie Robinson, the memoir, “ Warriors Don’t Cry”, by Melba Patillo Beals, and the article, “ The Father of Chinese Aviation”, by Rebecca Makel, each of the individuals faced a turning point. Jackie Robinson, Melba Patillo Beal, and Feng Ru all faced life-changing experiences that changed and impacted the lives of both themselves and their countries.
Jackie Robinson's life changed when he became the first black man to play in the world series and Major league baseball during a time of segregation in America. These life-changing events challenged him
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In paragraph eighteen, the text states, “ We stepped up the front door of Central High school, and crossed the threshold into that place where angry segregationist mob had forbidden to go inside the school. The Little Rock Nine were forbidden to go inside days before, and now you see that they were escorted by soldiers sent by the president of the United States of America. They were shot on camera with flashes of lights from paparazzi and reporters. Beals faced many challenging experiences that would change her life, another piece of evidence that relates to this main point was in paragraph thirteen, the text states, “ Some of the white people looked totally horrified, while others raised their fist to us. Others shouted ugly words.” When treated with such actions and spoken with such language, Beals was stuck with the image which might not hurt her much, but there is always going to be there with her. When Beals was treated like this she was given a better realization of the world around her. These events that Beals and the rest of the Little Rock Nine received would change anybody’s life in a way, not in a positive or negative way. The ways a turning point can affect negatively is because no one in the whole entire world would ever want to be called the words that the Little Rock Nine were called, or the actions that were towards them. Though these events were negative there were still positive results, this motivated Beals and the other eight students to persevere. Beals realizes that not everyone in the world can agree with her which allowed Beals to understand each and every one of the people's thinking of this event. Many events challenged Beals and the rest of the Little Rock Nine. Such as intense crowds, people yelling words, and even watching her own mother

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