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  • Creative Writing: The Catastrophe Of Cassie

    The catastrophe of Cassie and the coat stealing boy caught my eye because Cassie was thoughtful and unselfish enough to help.( I like what you’re trying to do here, but it doesn’t work. State it more clearly.)This is when Cassie decides to help T.J. after all he had done; I believe that she was admirable for everything that she did but this was about friendship and kindness and those are really admirable things. Cassie had trouble in her life, being black, but she stayed strong and held on to what meant most, her feelings. She wasn’t afraid to express herself or her opinion. I learn this from the Strawberry incident when she yelled at Mr. Barnett and got shoved on the sidewalk by Mr. Simms. (Add a few words here to let the reader know what happened.)It got her in trouble, it got her revenge, but most of all, it got her love and warmth. She became a better person by expressing these feelings and emotions. It helped her to let off some steam and see the world differently, almost like a MLK jr.jr. She had some ups like the time she beat up Lillian Jean, but then there were downs like the time she stood up for little man and got a “whippin’.” She saw some horrible things that no kid her age should see, like the Berry’s and their burnt bodies or the time she saw the night men stop at the house with guns and ropes. Cassie endured so much that it made her more of an adult than a child. At first she was just an innocent child with ignorance to reality but more and more she begins to…

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  • What Does It Mean To Be Young Essay

    When you’re young, it never crosses your mind that you’re going to lose a lot of things in life: friends, pets, family members, or even parents. Although this seems like, and is, a sad and serious topic, I’ve learned to make the most of the loss in life. My parents were a lot older than most parents having a child when they had me. My mom always told me I was a “surprise” and I always got offended because it sounded like she meant it as a bad thing. They weren’t really prepared at all to have…

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  • My First Fear Analysis

    The fears I face I face at least one fear a day. My biggest fear would have to be hospitals and needles; sadly I’ve seen a lot of those lately. Learning to face those fears is something that I’ve always had a hard time doing. Doctors tell me that my fear should lessen as I get older but I see it staying the same or getting worse. Fears I feel are something that everyone has. It may be the simple fear of clowns or something serious like dying. I’ve had the same two fears since I started…

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  • I Decided To Walk A Little On The Luiltan Street Essay

    KEY CHAIN FOR $2 I decided to walk a little on the Luiltan Street. It was nearly 12 am on a Friday night. The street of Luiltan was quite dark yet peaceful and secure. Earlier in that morning, my team and I just elaborated a business project with a Japanese motor company that will enhance the life of Luiltan 's citizen. The odds weren 't against us this time. A decision to accept the project was the best thing we have ever done. I could only imagine how the change was coming for the better in…

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  • Truth In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    If a captivating story is told but its validity is questioned, will it be held to prove its legitimacy? In the case of Tim O’Brien’s novel The Things They Carried, the answer is yes. O’Brien’s story is based on his experiences as a soldier and the stories he was told. Towards the beginning of the piece, O’Brien provides his own circumstances of what a war story must encompass to be ‘true’. Each chapter of the book holds a war story told by a various character or the author himself. As a focus,…

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  • The Truman Show And Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

    In the 1998 film, The Truman Show, featuring Jim Carrey as the main protagonist, it poses philosophical questions pertaining to Plato’s allegory of the cave found in The Republic. The main character of a fictional television show was Truman Burbank who lived in an alternate reality that was actually a television set that he perceived to be real. From his birth, to early childhood, teenage years, and adult life, Truman has been filmed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through a television…

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  • A Learning For The Rest Of My Life Analysis

    A Learning for the Rest of My Life Perhaps one of the most polemic topics in the world is the homosexuality and all of its issues involved between the societies’ agreement. As the racism power, or even stronger, the prejudice against gays has been a hard point to deal with because there is a lot of people with empty minds thinking that being a gay is a huge sin. A few years ago I have witnessed a crucial moment when some guys acted as idiots cussing a homosexual off and I realized how tough it…

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  • Narrative Essay: Bob And Miranda's Divorce

    Bob and Miranda are best friends. They have been friends for a long time. They met when they were in the 6th grade and have been best friends ever since. They live in the busy and crowded city or New York. Busy streets and lots of tall buildings. “Let’s go shopping!” bubbled miranda “Okay,” exclaimed Bob with excitement. Miranda has been very happy ever since Bobs divorce one year ago. Bob wanted the divorce. Susan was a person who got jealous easily. She said it’s either me or Miranda Susan,…

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  • Personal Self Assessment Essay

    People who have learned to live the life they want and to do the work that fuels their passion. People who that tend to excel in their chosen fields. In Search of the Secrets of Peak Performers. (2005). T+D, 59(2), 78-80. In this article, a peak performer contains something that not everyone has or some kind of secret power. Which is called pillars in this an article number 1 through 7 in a specific order. Vision is numbered as one. Knowing where you want to go, and what you want to do.…

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  • My Beliefs: A Personal Analysis

    I was born and grew up in Vietnam, in which Buddhism is dominated in my culture. I sometimes question about my beliefs by asking myself why I am doing this instead of that, or why I think doing this is right and doing that is wrong. I gradually realize that my actions and thoughts are profoundly shaped by a set of core beliefs, which are influenced by my family, culture, and especially religion. In this paper, I will discuss my beliefs about text and scripture in religion, moral actions and…

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