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  • The Real The Bad And The Ugly Analysis

    The Real, the Bad, and the Ugly by Cassie Heidecker is an interesting example of analyzing the reality TV epidemic and in addition to the people that view it. The author starts out by listing things that go into a reality TV production and things that happen in real life in order to state that these are two different things despite the idea that reality TV is supposed to be “real”. The mundanity of real life is emphasised here vs. the idea that reality TV is scripted and has a lot of extra work…

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  • Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry Book Analysis

    started the fire to stop the hanging of T.J. Avery, as Big Ma explains that the lightning must have started it. We know in both the novel and in the movie that Cassie feels bad for T.J., even though he has not been the best person to hang around, especially for Stacey. We know as both readers and watchers of the movie that Cassie feels bad. Cassie feels that T.J should not be in jail. She does not want him to go on the chain gang and possibly die, because of R.W. and Melvin Simms (Wallaces…

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  • How The Role Of Racism Changed In The 1900's

    superior as the whites. In Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry we learned that when people of color are younger they don’t realize that they are mistreated because of the color of their skin. They know they are being mistreated, but they don’t know why. Cassie, a young black girl, was in line in front of whites at a store. She wasn't being waited on and she didn’t know why. She asked why she wasn’t being waited on, and the store clerk got angry at her. This is when she realized that things will always…

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  • Wild Roses Character Analysis

    condition was continuously growing, and “he was only his usual depressed self, this morose person who was becoming our usual household companion, this man on a constant hunt for the ways he was sure he was being harmed” (Caletti 178) more and more often. Cassie relates well with Laertes in Hamlet, in the way that they had observed and noticed their families conditions overtaking them. When Laertes storms the Danish Castle after his father’s death furiously, he sees his sick sister and cries in…

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  • Rick Yancey's The Infinite Sea

    mostly because of death. Yancey left out parents because biological parents gave him up for adoption as a baby. He connected his feeling of being alone to the book and left all the characters feeling the same way he feels toward his long lost parents. Cassie, whose father was shot in front of her,…

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  • A Chorus Line Analysis

    and triumph resonated not only with dancers in the audience, but also with the general population, says dancer Leslie Woodies, who played Cassie in the New York Shakespeare Festival production. “I remember people would wait 30 or more minutes by the stage door to tell us their stories,” she says. “Even years later, when I was in On Your Toes, a woman who read Cassie in my bio waited to tell me that after watching A Chorus Line, she found the courage to leave an abusive husband. The production…

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  • The 5th Wave Book Review

    four waves. Throughout the novel, they both struggle with the idea of having little to no family left. The strong female lead, Cassie, can relate to those of other novels, like Katniss from The Hunger Games. Both Cassie and Katniss are looking out for their family, though they demonstrate it in different ways. Katniss volunteers for her sister to save her life, while Cassie spends the entirety of the story searching for her lost brother. Ben Parish on the other hand, becomes depressed and almost…

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  • The Importance Of The Prize In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

    For example we can read in the novel about the Jefferson Davis School bus, which is only for white children, where Blacks do not have a bus so Cassie and her brothers have to walk to school. However, the children are always threatened by this bus, "a bus bore down on him spewing clouds of red dust like a huge yellow dragon breathing fire". And it is because of racism. The whites in the bus enjoy…

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  • Personal Narrative: Bullying In Elementary School

    just Destiny, Miranda, Alicia, and me. There was this girl named Cassie who thought she was better than everyone. Alicia was walking down the hallway, Cassie showed up and just slapped her in the face. Cassie got a hold of Miranda and became good friends with her. Cassie would always throw rocks at us, but it was really nothing. Miranda ended up moving away a couple of weeks later. That’s when the bullying actually started. Cassie would slap all of my friends in the hallway or recess, wherever…

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  • Social Divisions In The Odyssey

    when Cassie Logan, an African American girl, went to a town called Strawberry to buy items from the grocery store run by Mr. Barnett, a white man, she was ignored in favor of some white customers. After politely reminding the cashier, only to be ignored, Cassie, “...went to the other side of [the counter] and tugged on his shirt sleeve to get his attention...”(9.129-9.220). This makes the cashier, “...recoiled as if [Cassie] had struck him.”, resulting in an argument between him and Cassie…

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