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  • Is It Better For Work Overall, Robots Or Humans?

    Who is better for work overall, robots or humans? Well, that depends for each job. What are humans? A member of the primate genus Homo, especially a member of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other species with a large brain and the capacity for speech. Robot according to wikipedia.. “Is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent, usually an electromagnetic machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry.” Some people think that robots, can replace humans. I agree for some reasons and also disagree as well. They could replace humans in a shop but not in a court or as a lawyer, because nobody, program a robot to think like these jobs require. In a shop, they already have robots that can weld, cut, or do other…

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  • Disadvantages Of Robotics

    This type of robot (Remote Manipulator System) has two types of arms. The first one is computer-operated and programed for a specific function, and the second one requires a human to control the movement of the arm to do the job. (woodfill, 2011) Also, some of the space robots are orbiters, rovers and landers. One of the orbiter robots is the mariner 4; it flew past mars on July 25, 1965. It also took the first close up photos of another planet. On the other hand, the first landers were the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Robotics

    traditional engineering.[1] Understanding of robots requires knowledge from a very vast domain including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, systems and industrial engineering, economics, computer science and mathematics. Manufacturing engineering, knowledge engineering and applications engineering are some of the new fields which are emerging rapidly to deal with the complexity of robotics and industrial automation. [2]A precise official definition of a robot comes from the Robot…

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  • Robots In Science Fiction

    Many people are afraid of robots because of how robots are portrayed in science fiction. The problem here is that people use these stories as examples of how robots will take over the world even though the robots in the story are the product of the writer’s imagination. Science fiction assumes that robots will turn on mankind because it makes for an interesting conflict, not because it’s the most likely event. It’s the same way as with zombie stories - a strange, antagonizing force is made up to…

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  • Impact Of Robotics On Employment

    Other fields like healthcare, biotech and energy are not growing as much as robotics. Some people argue that robots are replacing human jobs, while some people say the robots will create new jobs, increase productivity, and raise the economy. In a work-based environment, employees cannot compete with robots in efficiently and productively. Employees have to work as a team to get success. Growth in robotics would increase productivity, raise the economy and would benefit human society rather than…

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  • Application Of Robotics Essay

    The Application of robots: How the progression of robotics advanced beyond human abilities Human’s greatest invention is the automotive machine. The creation of the robot is science fiction come true; from the simple assembly line to the in depth future of artificial intelligence, robotics and the rise of a technical future is on the horizon. Humans have separated themselves from the basic instinct of an animal, the way of life has evolved into the quest for discovery and happiness. The…

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  • The Impact Of Robotics And Automation

    More and more manufacturing sectors across the world continue to adopt robotics and automation. The two sister technologies have enabled manufacturers to operate more efficiently, as well as cut costs significantly. Robots can perform several sets of operations at once while automation only focuses on a single set of operation at any given time. This report has discovered that robotics and automation affected manufacturers in the Auto sector in varying ways. GM has reduced its number of workers…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Locking A Robot Arm

    Locking mechanism The joints had to be such that they can be loosened and tightened at any required configuration, this obstacle was overcome by the use of wing nut at the end of the screw instead of a normal nut, and the image below shows the wing nut and bolt. This is the most cost effective yet strong way of locking the joints compared to knobs and other clamp mechanisms. Materials For the Robot Arm Construction our group members had a variety of materials to choose from, these materials…

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  • Artificial Intelligence In Isaac Asimov's Liar

    The world of artificial intelligence is advancing at a rapid rate with robots becoming increasingly human like everyday. Advancements in these technologies requires us as humans to understand the benefits and the ramifications of introducing this scarcely understood technology into our everyday lives. Blindly allowing a new form of intelligence could be potentially catastrophic if not fully understood as the stability of these technologies are yet to be understood. Within Isaac Asimov's story…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Robotic Pets

    Robots are replacing a man’s best friend in society. Robotic pets are slowly entering mainstream society, specifically targeting elderly population to provide companionship and affection. Parents have even given the robots to their children to teach them the responsibility of caring for a live animal, but there is no proven evidence this works. While invading the space we have in our hearts for genuine pets, the robots continue to provide many negative outcomes that comes with owning this…

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