Digital Architecture Graduation Studio

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General introduction
The whole graduation process took place in the Digital Architecture graduation studio. A unique studio compared with the others. Not only the traditional architectural profession is considered, but also the connection of architecture, modern technologies and the modern citizen. The main goal of the studio is to push the boundaries of advanced architecture even further than only considering the connection between technology, people and architecture. By using techniques and methods that are not common in architecture today, the aim is to create a sustainable future urban environment. To achieve this the, there is also a different approach to finally get to the end result, compared with other studios. The Digital Architecture
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The decision to get someone involved of the industrial design faculty to help with this research is based on the different approach of (design) ‘problems’ and the focus on the process due to the graduation studio. Industrial design is more focused on creating an experience rather than yielding products, just like what is becoming more and more important in the architecture profession and what the Digital Architecture studio about is. Besides, at the Industrial Design Faculty there is more knowledge of the connection between product, user and environment, when compared with architecture. A way of thinking that is more concerned about people and their habits (behaviour), and how to combine this with architecture, than what is common in architecture is typical for Industrial design. A tutor that is more concerned about the process, the human side and the experience of the whole graduation process is really an addition to the two ‘standard’ tutors of …show more content…
How can we speak from architectural design when a building is generated by city data, without having a fixed form?

Research purpose (goal)
It has never been the purpose to answer questions that are the conclusion or recommendation of previous researches, but instead delivering a concrete solution for a concrete urban architectural problem. The theoretical research that already has been done by others will be turned into something tangible. The theoretical research, combined with a state of the art research, is in this case used to present one solution possible for the earlier stated problem.

Purpose of the research
The main purpose of the research is to eventually yield a process or design that creates an experience that is an addition to the built and urban environment, whereby people are part of a building throughout the whole urban environment. This experience should apply both people in the virtual and physical world, and the so-called hybrid space. A building should be ‘detached’ from is physical location, and somehow be scattered through the city. The distance that exists between people and their surroundings have to become tangible, to establish a relationship between people and building. It would be great if people are like: “Lets detour, to see how the building (city, square or building, whatsoever) is behaving today”, to really feel the connection and influence they have established with their surroundings; the city should be the city of their dreams. Curiosity

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