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  • Pepsico Social Responsibility

    Despite her lengthy and very pertinent background in corporate strategies, her emphasis on a healthy alternatives “good-for-you” line rather than Pepsico’s typical “fun-for-you” products, met friction with shareholders and health critics alike. Indra made very valid changes to their strategies including the decision to bring on a director of global health policy as well as a chief scientific officer (Badaracco 5). These two hires were to develop dietary guidelines for the healthy alternatives she was pushing, and gain some respect from the health conscious world. Despite stakeholder disapproval, Indra saw the market progression and knew that Pepsico couldn’t just build by pushing high energy soda alone, as education against sugar consumption was becoming more prominent in first and second world…

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  • Strategic Leadership: Indra Nooyi

    leadership development program which uniquely trains, supports, and selects people who drive their business’s strategy.” (Bernsin Forbes) One individual who displays strategic leadership is Indra Nooyi. Indra Nooyi is the chairman and Ceo of PepsiCo. He is known for her analytic skills with a charming demeanor which influences a lot of her employees. By him having a charming personality that is one of the skills…

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  • Roles Of Women In The Food Industry Essay

    to achieve success. The food industry consists of marketing, wholesales, distributions, and the list goes on. Women are just as capable as men in the food industry because women are excellent role models, have achieved remarkable achievements, and their different perspectives that could benefit the Food Industry. Women are just as capable as men in the food industry because women are excellent role models that could benefit the Food Industry. Laurence Gibbons wrote, “The Women Engineering…

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  • Shiva Nataraja

    The statues of Shiva Nataraja, also known as Shiva as the Lord of Dance, came from the sculptors of the south Indian Chola dynasty. These statues, from the late tenth and early eleventh centuries, are some of the most significant icons from the Hindu religion. This important symbol bears all of the characteristics that Shiva represents: creator, preserver, and destroyer of the universe. This religious piece of art, made using the ‘lost-wax’ method of sculpting, has gotten a lot more prominent…

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  • The Importance Of Pushkar Mela

    Pushkar is always good for its most esteemed temples and it’s a place for the temple of Brahma, the only temple dedicated to him in India. Epics say that Pushkar floated to the surface when Brahma dropped a lotus flower on earth later this pond size town is largely associated with the few renowned sacred places of India. The rarity of the Brahma temple under this city domain renders huge significance to it. It is also considered that the famed waters of the Pushkar wash away the sins of whole…

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  • Essay On Shinto God

    A single, all-knowing entity is central to the religion that I had grown up with. A god named God a figure of perfection who cradles the world. Watching over the people of Earth and holding control of what goes on with no-one sitting at his level sharing such an amazing power of creation. God made it all and holds so much faith from the people and for the people, but no matter what anyone says, I cannot bear the thought of giving all of my faith to someone or something so inhumanely “pure”.…

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  • 5 C's Model Of Leadership

    Indra holds the reins as CEO for Pepsi. She manages a corporate family of over 300,000 employees. She has held to her 5 C’s Model of Leadership. Her five C’s of leadership are competency, courage, confidence, communication skills and compass. Howard Schultz is the CEO of Starbucks and he is a transformational leader he insures there is trust, honesty, respect, and commitment in his company. While in office President Barack Obama has lead on the basis of the following: Personal risk, using the…

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  • History Of Pepsico, Inc.

    Executive Vice President and Corporate Strategy and Chief Venturing Officer, a position he assumed in 2006. He started his career in Boston Consulting Group (BCG) he worked his way to be the senior partner over 25 years of his career. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in the University of Illinois and his MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business. One interesting and noble thing that PepsiCo, Inc. did this year is that PepsiCo Foundation announced in September 22nd that…

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  • Brad's Drink Case Study

    brands considerably and enabled the company to meet the healthier products demands from consumers (“PepsiCo, Inc. /History & Facts,” n.d.). In the 21st century PepsiCo, Inc. leadership fell into the hands of Indra Nooyi. Nooyi was named became president and CEO of PepsiCo, Inc. on May 2, 2007 (“PepsiCo Inc.:Nooyi’s Global Vision, “ 2012). Since becoming CEO Nooyi has focused on expanding their market internationally, most notably into Russia, and streamlining their manufacturing and distribution…

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  • Angela Khan Norton Narrative

    first time.” As soon as she told me that, I sensed how strong her mindset was. Even though she had a bunch of excuses to give up she kept going and finished it out. Then I asked her who her Idol was growing up and why. Angela said, “It is my mom because she has always been my hero because she was a single mom taking care of three children of her own.” She was very passionate about answering this question. Growing up without a father figure did not make an impact on her at all. During the…

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