5 C's Model Of Leadership

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Leadership is a trait that is extremely valuable in any society. Leadership is a very influential process. Being in any position of leadership allows for a person to shape, regulate, control and change the attitudes, behavior, and performance of his group members. Leadership roles fall into different categories depending on actions that are required. Three of the main ones are the following: Autocratic leaders make decisions without consulting team members, democratic leaders make final decisions but they do include there team members in the decision making process; Laissez faire are the leaders that include there members in entirety with a lot of control. Throughout the world we have leaders in different positions ranging from CEO to local business owners. President Barack Obama, Howard Schultz, and …show more content…
Indra holds the reins as CEO for Pepsi. She manages a corporate family of over 300,000 employees. She has held to her 5 C’s Model of Leadership. Her five C’s of leadership are competency, courage, confidence, communication skills and compass. Howard Schultz is the CEO of Starbucks and he is a transformational leader he insures there is trust, honesty, respect, and commitment in his company. While in office President Barack Obama has lead on the basis of the following: Personal risk, using the words “us” and “we”, belief, out communicating competition, and making endings into beginnings. Both Nooyi and Schultz are in CEO positions where as President Obama is in more of a dictatorship. Skillful use of influence processes by a leader is likely to bring success to him; success in many cases adds to the power of the leader. With gaining power and successful leader gains more credibility in the eyes of people and other deficiencies may also be ignored. People will allow themselves to adhere to him and allow themselves to be further exposed to his influence

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